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Manage cyber risk while protecting your data

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Around 50% of UK manufacturers have experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months, with 63% of these incurring financial loss as a result. As manufacturing technology becomes ever more digitally-driven and cybercriminals hone their techniques, Daisy can help you assess and update your security stance to meet the demands of an expanding threat surface, drawing on the latest, most effective security and business resilience technologies.


Security consultancy and vulnerability assessment

Have our team conduct an in-depth security health assessment, to evaluate your security position in relation to your needs and strategy, while recommending ways to address any vulnerabilities and strengthen your long-term security.

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Cutting-edge cyber security

Deploy a bespoke blend of the latest security technology to prevent data breaches across your entire estate – from your networks and cloud environments to endpoints, users, IoT devices and more, with network segmentation and next-generation firewalls to protect your most critical data.

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Security monitoring

Stay vigilant with our managed vulnerability management and SIEM services, which constantly scan your IT environment and respond to attacks as soon as they’re detected.

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Staff training

Equip your people with the skills and knowledge to recognise cyber risk, avoid behaviours that put your business in danger and spot signs that an attack is in progress.

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Security and resilience planning

Plan, document and constantly update the steps to be taken in the event of a cyber-attack or loss of business continuity, with our tried and tested Shadow Planner tool.

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Business resilience services

Choose from a range of services including immutable backup, replication and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, so you can be up and running quickly if the worst should happen.

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