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Harness the benefits of “Industry 4.0”

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With the wider manufacturing sector already making great strides in its use of data analytics and the Internet-of-Things, food manufacturers are closing the gap.

Daisy can help you deploy smart technology in a way that fits your priorities and strategy, enabling you to reduce energy consumption, increase automation, boost productivity and embed new, more efficient ways of working.


Process optimisation and transformation, using IoT

Smart, connected devices embedded in your production environment provide a wealth of real-time intelligence, allowing you to optimise all aspects of your operation, from energy consumption to maintenance schedules and the management of environmental conditions. Daisy provides the cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge connectivity required to achieve new levels of efficiency, streamlined costs, reduced downtime and a more agile business.

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Advanced data analytics / data science

With a bespoke cloud or hybrid IT environment, you can apply a range of advanced analytics and predictive technologies to the data captured by your IoT estate. The resulting insights allow you to optimise your operations on an ongoing basis, while supporting long-term strategic planning and further digital transformation.

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End-to-end cyber security

Manufacturers have long been a favourite target for attackers – a trend that accentuates as your online presence grows. Daisy provides a full range of cyber-security solutions, tailored to your IT estate, from in-built DDOS protection to state-of-the-art firewalls, vulnerability scanning and more. We can also isolate any legacy systems that can’t currently be replaced, keeping them safe from attack.

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Cloud and connectivity

Let the Daisy team create a flexible, scalable, dynamic environment where your IoT devices and apps can thrive, hosted in a bespoke combination of public cloud, private cloud and on-premises locations. This is enabled by state-of-the-art, Industry 4.0-friendly connectivity, from LAN and WiFi-6 to SD-WAN and beyond.

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