Security Mobile Update from Vodafone

28th April 2021

Vodafone has been made aware of a Flubot SMS scam. The SMS message is impersonating DHL across the Vodafone network and is affecting phones on the Android operating system. The malware acts as an SMS generator within affected devices and seeks to steal personal banking information from crypto wallets or banking apps.

We are advising our customers to be especially vigilant and to exercise caution should you receive any links via SMS. Our recommendation is that you don’t click on any links that you do not recognise or are not expecting.

Actions to take:

  1. Forward anything suspicious to 7726. Vodafone will track the link
  2. Then delete the message

Vodafone has stated that they will look to refund any customers on tariffs that have resulted in a charge for SMS messages sent by the malware. Vodafone is working as quickly as possible to remove the scam, but in the meantime, please stay vigilant.

If you have any questions, please contact your DCS account manager or call us 0344 863 3000.

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