Power Outages Customer Statement

19th October 2022

Daisy’s statement on the possibility of power outages due to the Government implementing emergency measures.

Daisy’s data centres are designed, operated and have strong business continuity management in place, to provide seamless business operations for our customers and partners.

Our data centres have all necessary equipment and supplies, including fuel, to remain fully operational in the event of any planned or unplanned utility power interruption that may be caused by the Government implementation of the “ELECTRICITY SUPPLY EMERGENCY CODE” (ESEC) protocol.

This is an unusual situation, but Daisy’s data centres are specifically designed to remain fully operational in the event of power outages. We have UPS and backup power generators in all our facilities with the highest levels of redundancy, and this equipment is regularly maintained and tested. In addition, we have been taking further measures to ensure we have good levels of diesel stockholdings and various other supply chain provisions to minimise the impacts of any reduction in/or interruption to energy sources.

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