BT Wholesale | Broadband Service – Urgent Service Update

24th March 2020

Further to the Service updates issued on Friday 20th March where we advised that our contact routes would be shut on Sunday 22nd March due to a curfew in India, we have now been advised that this curfew will be in place for the foreseeable future. This is to protect the Indian population by limiting the movement of people.

Openreach briefed yesterday that they would be closing all contact routes which combined with the curfew in India seriously impacts our ability to continue to operate our contact centres. As such we have made the decision to close the majority of our contact routes with immediate effect (Tuesday 24th March).

The impacted contact routes are:

  • Wholesale Provision eChat
  • Wholesale Repair eChat
  • All Openreach direct contact eChat routes (excluding FTTP)
  • Quality Assure
  • All call routes (excluding FTTP)
  • Failed Retest (see below – this route is being used for an alternative purpose)

We will be focussing our resource to make sure that orders and faults continue to progress to minimise any delays.

All self-serve tools will be available and we encourage you to use View My Job via Business Zone for order updates, and Supplier notes via Eco+ for fault updates.

There are a couple of exceptions below where we will still take contacts:

Blue Light and Welfare cases – High Level Escalations are open as normal. This route is for issues relating to such things as emergency services, NHS, critical services and vulnerable end users. Please only use this for absolutely critical issues.

To raise a HLE for a Blue Light or Welfare case please fill in the proforma that can be found here and send it to

FTTP Provision and Repair – Wholesale will support calls and Openreach will support direct contact via calls and eChat (Openreach support this product from the UK). Please only use this contact route for critical issues. To protect service we will be turning back any non-FTTP related contacts that come in through these routes.

Failed retest – This eChat route will be open but only to assist with single order/fault system related issues such as appointing issues or being unable to amend orders/faults etc. Any contact for other reasons, including the normal failed retest criteria, will be turned back.

Broadband Incident Helpdesk – For issues impacting 25 or more circuits only. Please do not use this for any other reason as you will be turned back.

System Support Helpdesk – For issues with accessing any of the systems. Please do not use this for any other reason as you will be turned back.

We ask you to only use the open contact routes if it is absolutely necessary and critical. If there is any repeated abuse of these contact points then we may need to close them too.

Thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.

Michael Gauterin
Director Service Operations
BTWholesale Customer Service

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