Network Services 2 Framework (RM3808)

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The Crown Commercial Services Network Services 2 framework (RM3808) replaces the Network Services framework (RM1045) and is for the provision of telecommunications and network services and can be used by the whole of the UK Public Sector with a choice of tendering options as well as a catalogue for Direct Award orders. There are 13 lots on the RM3808 framework, each catering for a slightly different technology area. Daisy Corporate Services is the only provider to be able to offer solutions across all 13 lots of RM3808.

Lot 1 - Data access services
Lot 1 is for the provision of connectivity services enabling site-to-site or site-to-cloud interconnectivity, including Wide Area Networks (WAN)
Lot 2 - Local connectivity services
Lot 2 is for the provision of single-site connectivity services, including local area networks (LAN) enabling interconnectivity
Lot 3 - Traditional telephony services
Lot 3 is for the provision of traditional telephony, enabling voice services
Lot 4 - Inbound telephony services
Lot 4 is for the provision of inbound telephony services, enabling call management services
Lot 5 - IP Telephony Services
Lot 5 is for the provision of end-to-end IP telephony services with the ability to connect to the PSTN
Lot 6 - Mobile voice and data services
Lot 6 is for the provision of mobile voice and/or data services
Lot 7 - Paging and alerting services
Lot 7 is for the provision of a range of paging and mobile messaging services
Lot 8 - Video conferencing services
Lot 8 is for the provision of traditional and IP based video conferencing services
Lot 9 - Audio conferencing services
Lot 9 is for the provision of traditional and IP based audio conferencing services
Lot 10 - Unified communications
Lot 10 is for the provision of Unified Communications solutions to provide a consistent user interface across a range of end-user devices
Lot 11 - Radio services
Lot 11 is for the provision of voice services over a radio communications systems
Lot 12 - Security and surveillance services
Lot 12 is for the provision of CCTV and physical security monitoring services
Lot 13 - Contact centre services
Lot 13 Contact Centre Services is the provision of call/contact centre services

It’s easy to order Daisy Corporate Services solutions and services from Crown Commercial Services frameworks.

You can choose to use the RM3808 framework to avoid the often costly and often time-consuming process of a formal tender and issue a Direct Award. This means we can keep things simple for you with transparent pricing, service levels, and terms and conditions through our dedicated Public Sector and Framework specialist teams.

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