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Harnessing change with technology solutions that transform the lives of healthcare staff and their patients.

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It’s been a challenging time for healthcare. But Microsoft and Daisy have come together to identify technology solutions to relieve key pain points, transforming the lives of staff and patients.

How can technology transform the way we communicate? The way we collaborate? The way we learn, and the way we share? Microsoft Surface offers collaborative tools for healthcare organisations, from 2-in-1 devices to Surface Hub, for flexible, versatile working that gives staff more time to spend on the stuff that matters.

How can devices reduce burnout and streamline efficient processes, to ensure healthcare remains a people-first sector?
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Integrated models
Devices and software can ensure quality patient care, brought about thanks to easy communication and collaboration across care teams.
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The right devices can make even the most overwhelming, time-pressured situations easier to manage.
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See how our solutions can transform work experiences for everyone in healthcare, from time-pressured frontline to critical support staff.
From our Surface Go to our Surface Pro, we have devices and software that can support remote workers or in-house clinicians, paramedics, or those doing resource mobilisations. Our devices enable seamless remote working while also working hard to boost collaboration between care teams and colleagues. We understand what the ideal solution is, and we’re on a journey to make life easier.
A more detailed look at how we’ve got here, and why we need to see opportunity in the challenge.
From a period of rapid of digital transformation during the pandemic, to high backlogs for mental and physical health services, the healthcare sector needs support, fast.

Our e-book explores devices and services that can help improve flexibility, efficiency and productivity for care workers and administrators, on the journey to create a patient-first, people-first workplace.

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79% of healthcare leaders say patient experience must be central to their organisation1.

To find out how Microsoft Surface solutions resolve your healthcare challenges, download our e-book

1 Healthcare CEO Future Pulse