Security Monitoring

Identify and proactively manage security vulnerabilities, alerts, and incidents

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Protection technologies are important but are no guarantee for preventing cyber attacks. Monitoring infrastructure to identify threats in real time keeps security teams one step ahead of cyber criminals. In addition, the majority of cyber attacks exploit known vulnerabilities, therefore, identifying and remediating these vulnerabilities should be a CISO’s priority. Daisy partners with industry-leading vendors to deliver SIEM and Vulnerability Management solutions.

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Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM platforms provide real-time security reporting and analysis based on the security logs of the devices within your infrastructure. It acts as a central location which gathers data, analyses it using advanced AI and machine learning (ML) technology, then provides actionable security alerts to allow your organisation to rapidly respond to security threats.

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Vulnerability Management

Do you know what assets are connected to your IT infrastructure and how vulnerable they are to a cyber attack? Knowing what’s active in a hybrid IT environment and how vulnerable it is to attack is fundamental to cyber security. Vulnerability Management solutions identify, categorise and prioritise the remediation or mitigation of vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure. They also help you discover hidden IT assets and identify vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do.

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