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Chris London
Director of Business Development
Daisy Corporate Services

Having recently attended the IT Directors Spring Forum, it was good to meet with so many UK organisations to debate, evaluate, and discuss key issues. There were some stand out themes on IT leaders’ minds when it comes to technology decisions for the year ahead, I have summarised these below.


AI dominated the forum discussions, with a focus on practical implementations and ethical considerations. Verity Harding’s keynote, “AI Needs You,” emphasised the critical role humans play in guiding AI development. Harding, an expert in AI ethics, highlighted that while AI can drive efficiencies, it must be governed by ethical principles. This aligns with our approach at DCS, where we combine AI technology with ethical oversight to deliver solutions that truly benefit our customers. For those looking to start their AI journey, we have a comprehensive resource page on our website for AI. Read More


Cloud computing was another major focus, especially in terms of infrastructure. The need for agility and security in today’s IT environments makes multi-cloud strategies crucial for digital transformation. However, many business’s find it challenging to determine the best approach and optimise their cloud environments. At DCS, we help our customers navigate these complexities, offering tailored multi-cloud strategies that balance performance, security, and cost-effectiveness. Our bespoke cloud solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each business. Read More


Cyber security remains a top concern for IT leaders. The forum discussions made it clear that a proactive approach is essential to protect against sophisticated cyber threats. Approximately 18% of attendees mentioned that their security projects include business continuity elements, highlighting the need for comprehensive solutions that ensure operational resilience. At DCS, we provide advanced cyber security services that not only defend against threats but also guarantee business continuity. Read More

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation continues to be a major focus, especially in enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency. The forum highlighted the importance of agile methodologies and continuous innovation to remain competitive. At DCS, we partner with our customers on their digital transformation journeys, providing the tools and expertise needed to navigate these changes effectively.

Data Management & Analytics

Data management and analytics are becoming increasingly critical for organisations aiming to make data-driven decisions. The forum discussions underscored the importance of investing in advanced analytics to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of data.

Sustainability in IT

Sustainability is rising on the agenda for IT leaders, with a focus on reducing carbon footprints and promoting green IT practices. The forum highlighted various initiatives to make IT more sustainable. At DCS, we support our customers’ sustainability goals with our range of green IT solutions, helping them reduce their environmental impact while achieving their business objectives.

Leadership in Uncertainty

Sam Conniff’s keynote, “Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity,” resonated strongly with the audience, emphasising the importance of adaptable and resilient leadership in navigating unpredictable environments.