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Discover for yourself the potential savings you can make when migrating from legacy ISDN to SIP trunks. Simply input your current ISDN capacity and we’ll calculate the potential costs if you move to SIP trunking. If you like what you see, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide more detail on your savings and the first steps to migration.

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Please note:

  • Costs are based on 36-month terms.
  • The savings calculated in this model are based upon ISDN30 channels RRP and is indicative only, actual monthly pricing may differ. It does not constitute any contractual obligation on behalf of Daisy Corporate Services.
  • Upfront costs including transfer costs may be applicable.
The clock is ticking. In 2025 the UK’s ISDN network will be switched off and many legacy technologies such as telephone systems and fax machines will no longer work – is your business ready for the move?

SIP Trunking provides an affordable, fast and reliable IP-based alternative giving you access to collaboration tools and Daisy SIP Trunks can connect you to the network using your existing PBX system.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a business communications provider, Daisy knows how to look after your network, which in turn means we also understand the challenges businesses face when transitioning to SIP.

2025 isn’t that far away, especially when considering such a pivotal change as how your business communicates with your customers. Don’t put this off until it becomes a last-minute decision – you can future-proof your business today. Contact Daisy today to learn more about your options.