Interview Tips



Whilst we don’t expect you to know everything about Daisy, we do expect you to have a little knowledge about the company. It’s also a good idea to research your interview location beforehand to avoid being late.


Bring ID

The most important thing you need to bring with you to an interview is a form of identification. If you can’t prove who you are, we won’t be able to progress with the interview. An in date passport, or full birth certificate including evidence of National Insurance will suffice.


Dress code

First impressions count when it comes to a job interview, so make sure you dress smartly. Whilst we don’t expect you to turn up in an Armani suit or a Chanel dress, we do not expect to see you in jeans or trainers.


Body language

Studies show that we communicate 7% by words, but a huge 50% by body language. Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and then engage in regular eye contact to show you have confidence.



Whilst we love technology, it’s common courtesy to turn off your mobile devices before the interview starts. If you require technology to deliver a presentation, make prior arrangements with the interviewer to ensure your equipment is compatible with ours.


Take your time

We appreciate that you may be nervous when it comes to the interview. But to help settle any butterflies you have, take your time when answering questions and try and talk at a steady pace. It’s a good idea to pre-empt questions that may arise by doing some prior research.


Talk about your skills

The main objective of an interview is to determine whether you are suitable for a specific role, which is why we encourage you to give examples of how your skills suit a position. The most efficient way to answer competency-based questions is use the S.T.A.R approach:

Situation: Describe the situation you were in?
Task: Explain the task you were set
Action: Outline the action that you took
Result: Describe the outcome in relation to your actions