How Does Daisy Manage its Own Business Continuity Planning?

How a little bit of gusto helps the UK’s leading business continuity services provider manage its own business continuity planning.

Attended by more than 20 senior managers from all areas of the business, yesterday’s business continuity strategy event built on previous Daisy Corporate Services’ business continuity planning activity. During the event, the participants reviewed the BIA and risk assessments already undertaken and progressed our unified Business Continuity Strategy, building upon a common understanding, established BCP management roles and established process structures across all departments.

Run by Head of Risk, Allan Gerrish, the event engaged Daisy Corporate Services’ senior executive team and managers from all departments. As part of the event, participants worked through professional crisis management training and exercises, to better prepare them and our business for any disasters we hope never happen (but prepare for anyway).

The crisis management exercises were expertly designed and managed by consultants from Daisy’s own, award-winning business continuity management (BCM) team, who can more commonly be found running such exercises and other BCM activities for our customers – from current state assessments for business continuity and IT service continuity (ITSC), business impact analysis (BIA), all aspects of business continuity and ITSC planning to a full “business continuity as a managed service”. The challenge for Daisy’s internal business continuity team was to find time in the team’s diaries to make use of their expertise internally.

The session was a huge success with the team continuing to make appropriate adjustments and improvements under the watchful scrutiny of our Director-led Risk Steering Committee.

When did you last review your plans?

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You can meet some of our industry-leading BCM and ITSC consultants at BCI World this year along with other subject matter experts, where we are showcasing a whole “resilience suite” of services to empower organisations with practical and innovative solutions for new risks and resilience challenges.

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