Product and Service Development

"Whom we choose to work with ultimately defines who we are and whom we want to be, and this is more than the products themselves. Making these choices means they must be governance steered, steering that gives freedom to grow.“

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As we move forward, we solidify corporate governance through the commitments outlined in Root 1. These corporate governance approaches are supported by meeting ISO standards and associated accreditations. These offer our stakeholders reassurances in how we operate. Our service offerings are subject to rigorous processes to ensure confidence in their actions. We want to improve these checks, although this needs to come with some confidence-building activities.

This Root is supported by others and is understandably linked to Root 3: People Growth, Learning, Development and Business Resilience. Daisy wants to remain ahead, which means keeping our People ahead. This training focus requires working in Partnership with our People and internalising information under Root 7. These structures are critical components of our corporate governance, for our People and Planet, contributing to our futures.

The world of IT moves quickly, which is, in some ways, surprising given how much infrastructure must change to support it. Daisy focuses on particular market sectors to keep our customers ahead of this growth. This future focus is why we are keeping ahead and are seeking to specialise in supporting certain industry groups. This leaves us in a great position to support this industry with new technology and platforms as they happen.

The development of new products and services is required to improve continuously. This may mean bringing different products together to form a service that takes away complexities from customers enabling them to focus on their businesses. It allows best practices in those industries to be adopted.

Underpinning choices are sets of criteria, underpinning that is data. Obtaining this data is not always easy. This is partly why data collection is so important. Reliable information enables decisions to be made quickly. This allows changes, with timespans in place to support Partnership working. Not all changes can occur overnight, so working with our stakeholders means we can do new things in intelligent ways together.