People, Planet, Partnerships and Purpose

“Our new values People, Planet, Partnerships shape our thinking and help deliver our purpose in a manner we can be proud of."

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To deliver our services in a way that we can be proud we have a set of values which, if stuck to, will provide outcomes we can be proud of. They, along with our purpose, need dissemination through how we act. These values will be installed with our People in day-to-day functions, and our values only work if people trust them and believe in them.

But what do the values mean? Well, underpinning each value, there is a specific rationale. This rationale encourages engagement and enables fluidity, a corridor for action before settling. Ultimately, what we do is for people, which drives us. These People are in our organisation and outside of it. We rely on our Planet to deliver what we need and how we treat it ultimately impacts how we all can continue to operate. Therefore, what we do and how we influence all whom we work with impact what we want to achieve. Finally, our partnerships are what enable us to work well. Operating in partnership with others is how we intend to meet the commitments of our other values and, ultimately, our purpose.

Our purpose is ”to provide service excellence in IT and Telecoms”. We want to be the go-to Managed Service Partner, but we want to do that in line with our values. We want to be successful, which requires doing so in line with the Principles, Practices and Procedures of our guiding governance – UN-Compact, Wates and, through becoming a B-Corp.

These values and purpose are a crucial Root; sitting like the Root of a Daisy, they fundamentally provide the backbone of our business.