People Growth, Learning, Development and Business Resilience

"Daisy must be a place where our people thrive. To thrive, people need the right tools. Daisy University is helping deliver this ambition, and we will grow better and faster with it."

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Daisy University is more than meeting our legal training requirements. It is about supporting our people to achieve what they want, which may include a change of direction. The University can train people who share our values and purpose to deliver shared ambitions, supporting their individuality.

We believe in developing staff. We recognise the importance of ‘organisational learning and that skills required to do a job extend beyond the elements. Therefore, supporting training enables these skills to be kept, building business resilience.

Providing training is a crucial element of Wates governance, commitments made as part of UN-Compact, and our ambition to become a B-Corp. The role of training is critical to spreading awareness of the UN-SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). These are all elements of Root 1.

The type of training on offer includes supporting our apprenticeship programmes, formal requirements attached to health and safety, and a range of work skills. The University helps staff achieve more comprehensive accreditations at various IT levels and supports broader ambitions.

We have committed to developing and supporting sustainable technology through UN-Compact. The LIAISE programme will primarily drive these new technologies. The University will work with the TRAction team to develop the skills and the external LIAISE advisory board to achieve reliable outcomes.

We do want to extend the schemes we have further and aim to become accredited with an established University so that we can deliver degrees, in specific areas, with them for our People. This accreditation will enable parts of our workforce who may feel they have missed an opportunity in their life to obtain a degree, regardless of where they are in their career.

The University will be pivotal to the delivery of our Belonging strategy. It will facilitate any positive action that we may want to take to support particular directions. Delivering a comprehensive understanding of discrimination, harassment and victimisation is critical to a safe workspace. Moreover, it is able to support understanding of bias, in its various forms – including unconscious.