Information Flows

“To grow or stand still, you need to have reliable information. This requirement means engaging with all our stakeholders, to listen and learn on how we progress together."

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Active listening is a crucial part of how we learn as individuals or as a business. This listening occurs between our people, customers, suppliers, regulators, communities and all over stakeholders (together with those represented by them). This Root is critical to every principle within the Wates corporate governance, practices of UN-compact and the procedures of B-Corp. Listening is essential to understand more about each other, particularly incorporating our differences. Listening to and truly hearing what is being said is part of ensuring a Belonging culture.

A business should not rest on its past successes to avoid stagnation and must be forward-looking. Consequently, following market signals allows us to support our customers better, knowing the direction of their market sector and how ICT interacts with it. This is a structure that is in its long-term interests of Daisy.

The ability to listen, and hear, enables us to react early. It also means building better relationships with our stakeholders and making a happier workplace. Understanding concerns about our impact socially and environmentally, whether directly or indirectly, is truly important.

The concept of bringing information to a firm means creating a culture where it is shared, internally and externally. That means encouraging our People to join trade bodies relevant to their skills and supporting external communities. It is also essential that board members look to hold external roles with groups, including serving as non-executive directors roles. These external roles help to encourage best practices internally.

The approach here means incorporating Daisy University and the connections it has and continues to build. This learning & development (L&D) approach will work with our apprentices and graduate schemes and support research in growing areas. This L&D focus is part of the Partnership approach of our values.