Community – Delivering Social Value

“Daisy is part of many communities, due to our offices or customers. We strive to deliver, working together, increasingly positive outcomes whether environmentally or socially.”

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Daisy has offices across the UK; this enables us to be close to our customers. It also means an increased need to demonstrate environmental and social impact. We have strong links to local schools and colleges, and this community engagement includes a thriving work experience placement programme.

We have three “outreach areas”, often charities, that we support: 1) Reducing the Digital Divide; 2) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with IT and; 3) Wellbeing, Health and Environment. These areas were chosen through engagement with our workforce. The link to IT relates to our skill sets, our obligations under UN-Compact, and our desire to become a B-Corp.

At Daisy, we provide all our workforce with three days a year to perform voluntary work. These days may be at a charity, a soup kitchen, a hospital radio station or elsewhere. The initiative chosen is down to the employee; it just must be a valid initiative. It can certainly go beyond the areas above if the employee wants it to. There could be a cause close to their hearts.

There are particular charities and groups that we support through the business. This includes supporting three staff members to be Trustees of Groundbreaker. This is an international charity with strong corporate IT links. It has two essential purposes: setting up schools in developing nations and forming opportunities for farming and soils.

Furthermore, we support the Girl Guides, where we sponsor the recycling badge. Through this, we want to help build an understanding of the repurposing of IT equipment. This repurposing includes supporting the digital divide. Doing this requires work with an appropriate ITAD (IT Asset Destruction) Company. We have a collection of STEM ambassadors. We are working with TutorMate to support learning in schools with a high level of financially challenged pupils. Through this program, we are supporting reading through online sources. We are doing this in conjunction with our customers to provide social value.