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With Daisy WorkPlace, your employees’ smartphones become mobile, full-service extensions of your on-premise IT environment.

How do we achieve this? By combining the power of Citrix Desktop with Samsung’s DeX multi-tasking technology. This extends your business IT environment securely and seamlessly to all compatible mobile devices.

Using a simple, pocket-sized Samsung connector, your people can link their phone to a monitor and keyboard and enjoy all the benefits of your on-site IT, as securely and completely as they could in the office.

The result? New levels of mobility, agility and cost-effectiveness, whether you’re on the road, meeting with clients or visiting colleagues at another location.

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Ultimate portability

  • Turns your smartphone into a fully operational “desktop” via a simple Samsung connector.
  • Provides full, integrated Office365 capability
  • Provides Windows desktop environment via Citrix

Effortless management

  • Enables full remote support from your IT team
  • Managed set-up and configuration
  • Three levels of service support to choose from

Total security and integrity

  • Naturally supports eBackup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Daisy services, like Mobile Device Management (MDM)