Nurturing employee wellbeing

In a hybrid world

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Whatever your industry, attracting, motivating and retaining the right people will be key to success. Alongside an attractive salary, being able to support your people’s day-to-day wellbeing on multiple fronts – be it physical, mental or professional – is a powerful way to cement loyalty, maximise positive engagement and empower them to do their best work.
As hybrid strategies transform the modern workplace, wellbeing concerns are more vital than ever to help teams adapt, settle and thrive. Small wonder then that employee experience now rivals customer experience as a core priority for many forward-thinking businesses.

30% of employees say they are likely to switch jobs if returned to fully on-site work.

– McKinsey


85% of remote workers would favour a “hybrid approach” of home and office-based methods.

– Office of National Statistics


The average total commute time using rail into London is now around 81 minutes per journey, over 2.5 hours a day.

– McKinsey

Daisy Wellbeing


Our solutions help you boost employee wellbeing in countless ways. By enabling flexibility and balance in the way people work, increasing connectedness between teammates in different locations, streamlining collaboration and simplifying labour-intensive processes, colleagues can focus on more rewarding work.

Our managed services (security, business resilience, infrastructure management and more) take the pressure off your in-house IT resource, freeing them up for more value-added work while embedding better work practices and increasing colleagues’ sense of safety.

Finally, our technology training services maximise your people’s ability to get the most from the unified communications (UC) apps and systems they use, simplifying key tasks and increasing their knowledge and productivity.

Daisy solutions:
A wellbeing perspective


Fostering closeness, creativity and flow

Hybrid working is now the norm for many businesses. When it works well, this fusion of in-office and remote work offers major wellbeing benefits while increasing employees’ freedom, flexibility and productivity. Show more...

2. Cloud-delivered IT

For a smoother, more productive work day

As well as offering your business a flexible, scalable and cost-effective infrastructure option, cloud technology allows your people to access transformative productivity apps that support them in all aspects of their job, fostering feelings of effectiveness while making day-to-day work more rewarding. Show more...

3. Mobility and Mobile Device Management

Freedom, flexibility and safety for your people

With Mobile-as-a-Service (MaaS) from Daisy, your people have the devices and connectivity they need to work from anywhere, reduce travel time and collaborate in complete security, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Innovative products like GigaCube enable homeworkers to access WiFi without using their home broadband service, while automated administration helps your technical staff streamline the management of a large mobile estate.

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4. Connectivity and infrastructure

For speed, simplicity and availability

Want another way to minimise unnecessary stress on your team? Ensure the apps and systems they rely on are always available and quick to function, whenever and wherever they’re needed. As hybrid working becomes the norm, the demands on modern networks increase, along with the number of connection points and user issues. This places more of a burden on already stretched IT teams – especially if they themselves are working remotely. Show more...

5. Modern Workplace and 24/7 End User Service Desk

Giving your people the tools and support to thrive

Let Daisy take the day-to-day headache out of supplying, managing and responsibly recycling the devices and hardware your people require. Not only does this ensure staff always have fit-for-purpose, reliable equipment that gets the best from all your applications, but it also takes away a classic source of stress from your IT team. Our Lifecycle Management service covers device set-up plus support in accommodating legacy applications, to minimise or eliminate downtime. Show more...

6. Operational Resilience – planning and management

Maximum resilience for your business, minimal burden on your team

Making sure your people feel safe and looked after is central to their wellbeing. Feeling safe in the workplace takes multiple forms, from knowing there’s a plan in place if a disaster strikes to feeling fully confident in one’s knowledge of data security procedures. Show more...