Real-time data delivered via a unified interface to maintain precise environmental conditions.

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Daisy Monitoring provides instant data on a choice of metrics, including temperature, pressure, contact, humidity, power, energy, movement and CO2 – delivered remotely via a unified interface.

From healthcare, education, food and drink and agriculture to hospitality, leisure, manufacturing, retail, transport and logistics and countless other sectors, today’s businesses need to control the environments in which they operate. Whether you want to maintain temperature levels, control humidity or energy usage, fight infection or simply create safe, optimal conditions for your customers and employees, Daisy Monitoring puts control firmly in your hands. How? Through a bespoke fusion of embedded and out-of-the-box sensors, long-range wireless (LoRaWAN) and cloud technology, courtesy of our partner KoolZone.


Daisy Monitoring provides all the data you need to ensure the safe, sustainable operation of each environment while ensuring total compliance with the most stringent industry regulations.

Event Detection
CO2 High Concentration
Leak Detection
Power Supply
Energy Consumption
Refrigerated Transport
CO2 Ambient
ULT to -80C
Temperature to +300C
Cyrogenics to -200C
Temperature to 200C


Easy and cost-effective to deploy

Sensors and SIM-wireless devices can be retrofitted into your current working environment with no need for rewiring. A secure cloud platform, so there’s little or no additional hardware to purchase and no software to run.

Intuitive to customise and use

Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. See your data on our dynamic, multi-sensor dashboard in a range of customisable formats for a richer set of aggregated and location-specific insight.

Secure and resilient

KoolZone uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 military-grade security technology to protect your data. Daisy Monitoring is securely backed up by Daisy’s own business continuity infrastructure, with auxiliary power and failovers for cellular LAN connections.

Powerful and comprehensive

Provides all the data you need to comply with the most stringent industry regulations. Long Range Wireless (LoRaWAN) enables sensors to connect from distances of up to 10km, even from moving vehicles (ideal for temperature-controlled transport).

Automatic alerting

Configure alarms and alerts to trigger automatically when certain thresholds are reached.


Machine learning algorithms observe, analyse and alert on anomalies – helping you identify breakages and control energy and power consumption.

Using a rich mix of KoolZone technology, were able to optimise members were able to members’ comfort, enjoyment and safety:

  • Monitoring ambient temperature and humidity in the lounge, reception and all other areas.
  • Maintaining correct temperature in drinks chillers and ice machines.
  • Tracking people numbers and CO2 levels (for infection risk) in the gym, studio and kids’ play area, changing rooms and kitchens.
  • Monitoring power usage to ensure fitness equipment and TVs are working.
  • Measuring water temperature, hardness, pH etc. in the pool.
  • Supporting hygienic conditions and hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) compliance in the kitchens.
  • Improving building security and general privacy with door sensors and other technology.
Daisy Monitoring (powered by KoolZone) plays a vital role in countless areas of the healthcare sector – empowering health professionals, creating optimum conditions for patient recovery and supporting medical storage and research:

  • Monitoring temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2 levels (for COVID-19 risk) and numerous other metrics in wards, surgeries, care homes, laboratories, biobanks, public areas, offices and more.
  • Maintaining precise temperatures in refrigeration and cryogenic units for the storage of medicines, vaccines and human tissue samples.
  • Supporting hygienic conditions for food preparation in kitchens, on food trolleys etc.
  • Monitoring power usage at a granular level to optimise consumption and ensure vital equipment is working.
  • Maximising safety, security and environmental control with door and window sensors.
  • Ensuring optimum conditions for medicines and vaccines in transit.


Hospitality and Catering

Ensure a safe, sanitary and congenial environment where guests can gather, air can circulate, and food and drink may be hygienically prepared and stored.

Food Retail

Monitor the temperature of your chilled, frozen and other temperature-regulated display units, while also ensuring optimum conditions for storage.

Transport and Logistics

Track the internal conditions and entry point usage of your warehouses and container vehicles to maintain product quality and security.

Healthcare, Biomed & Pharma

Maintain ideal conditions for patient recovery, medicine storage and employee effectiveness in wards, surgeries, care homes, laboratories and beyond.


Provide a safe and healthy learning environment by measuring temperature, CO2 and other factors that affect physical comfort and aid or impede infections.

Buildings and Offices

Monitor and control the conditions that affect productivity, wellbeing and safety of your workforce or tenants, while meeting the requirements of employment legislation.