Daisy and Veeam Set to Backup Costain’s Cloud-First Strategy

Daisy Corporate Services (DCS), the UK’s leading independent provider of secure IT, communications and cloud services, has been selected by Costain as its preferred partner to help support the development of its Cloud-first strategy. Costain is one of the UK’s leading smart infrastructure solutions companies.

DCS will provide Costain with a flexible, integrated backup solution to support its continuing move to the Cloud. The solution will incorporate DCS’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) eBackup product and also leverage Daisy’s Veeam Platinum Partner status. Veeam is the global leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™.

Through its focus on integration and strategic alignment with other vendors such as Veeam, DCS was perfectly placed to help Costain on the next stage of its IT transformation strategy. DCS combined its eBackup Solution with Veeam’s simple, easy-to-use platform. The platform provides customisable features and mature relationships with storage vendors which enables multi-Cloud backup and restore capabilities. These capabilities integrate and collaborate with products such as Microsoft 365 and open the door to unfettered flexibility. Also, Daisy’s eBackup solution provides the essential, and enterprise-class, backup requirements needed by UK businesses.

Costain’s decision to select DCS means Daisy’s relationship with Costain now spans over 15 years. The partnership has progressed from Daisy supplying simple break-fix telephony services to a full end-to-end, technology-driven solution. With solutions built specifically for each customer, DCS offers companies like Costain the freedom of not being tied to one specific vendor with the ability to be able to move from one product to another.

Wendy Broughton, Head of Vertical Sales, DCS said: “For the last 15 years, Daisy has worked closely with Costain’s Senior Management Team and IT technologists to ensure we understand both the business and its IT strategy. The insight we have gained meant we could align the most relevant technologies and services that would work within the Cloud-first strategy Costain has been undertaking for the past six years. As such, the ‘eBackup – Veeam solution’ put together by Daisy meets their needs exactly. The solution will support Costain both in the Cloud and on-premise. As always Daisys aim is to provide customers with flexibility and agility and the assurance a trusted partner will be delivering the solution.”

Barry King, Principal IT Infrastructure Architect, Costain Group, said: “As Costain continues its journey to the Cloud, we look for partners and vendors whose technology-vision and strategy are aligned with our own. When it came to modernising and enhancing our legacy backup and recovery solution, we needed two crucial elements. First, a product that was ‘Cloud-aware’ and whose own feature development could keep pace with the ‘evergreen’ nature of the Cloud. Second, a trusted partner who understood our business, vision and technology roadmap.

“The Veeam Availability Suite provided as part of the Daisy eBackup Service was a clear winner. Furthermore, Daisy’s eBackup service has allowed Costain to transform our legacy backup solution at pace. Costain’s DevOps team is working side-by-side with Daisy to deliver the power of the Veeam Availability Suite across our Microsoft Cloud, on-premise datacentres and remote sites. We now have a solution that can adapt to our changing IT landscape and take advantage of permanent secure cloud storage both from Daisy and Microsoft Azure.”

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