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Daisy Brings Home Two Prestigious Trophies At This Year’s CIR Business Continuity Awards

Daisy wins ‘Most Effective Recovery’ and ‘BCM Planning Software of the Year’ at the CIR Business Continuity Awards 2021.

Daisy brought home two prestigious trophies at this year’s CIR Business Continuity Awards – the UK’s definitive mark of excellence for the sector, celebrating the past year’s greatest achievements in business continuity, security and resilience. We couldn’t be prouder of our award-winning team
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Step Away From The Server: Daisy Announces Combined Contracts for IT Disaster Recovery and Virtual Recovery So Customers Can Stay “Hands-Free”

The advent of a global pandemic has been a voyage of discovery for many. For some of Daisy’s business continuity customers, it included the realisation that having equipment on a physical disaster recovery contract is suddenly less appealing when you are trying to avoid contact with a widespread and deadly virus.

Steve Collins, a recovery consultant at Daisy, explains that, “It’s been a nervous time for us and our customers. When we visit customer sites, we’re at the mercy of how well that particular customer is following social distancing and personal safety measures.”

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Daisy Platinum Sponsors of BCI World 2019

Like kids at Christmas, we share a little of what’s in store at this year’s BCI World.

For Daisy Corporate Services, BCI World is about as big as Christmas. We have so much to share with you, and because we can’t wait until November, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of some of the things that you can expect from us this year at the Novotel London West.

We have something for everyone visiting BCI World this year, whether you are a business leader, an IT professional or a business continuity practitioner.

We are bringing Daisy subject matter experts from across the resilience spectrum, including business continuity management, cyber-response, cloud and data availability services.

We’ll be sharing our latest customer research around business priorities and challenges, and discussing how the business continuity function can deliver value where the business is most looking for it.

Conference agenda (attended by paying delegates)

Our Managing Director for Availability Services, Andy Dunn gives an insightful, introspective view of the market, from a service provider.

And one of our award-winning consultants, David Davies, speaks about the difficulties in managing the impacts of technology change on business resilience.

Seminar agenda (free to attend)

On the free-to-attend seminar agenda, our customer Julie Goddard MBCI invites you to experience a major disruption from the safety of the audience and we invite our vendor partner and industry pioneer, Veeam, to share their vision for resilience.

You can also:

Raise a glass with our BCM team! We’re still celebrating continued success. Our multi-award winning BC software Shadow-Planner will be available for demonstration on our stand, and our multi-award winning Business Continuity Management (BCM) consultancy team who are on-hand to discuss all things BCM.

Relax in our Safe Haven! We’re providing a Safe Haven for weary feet and tired minds to recharge on our comfy couches. More importantly though, you can find out how we can make you feel more comfortable about the prospect of dealing with a cyber breach!

Test your data recovery! An assessment, delivered on the stand, will rate your ability to recover your data and give you a report highlighting any areas of concern.

Ask a cloud expert! We’re armed with experts this year so that we can deliver more advice and value to help you address the risks and overcome the challenges that surround resilience, availability and continuity in the cloud.

In addition, we will be running insightful seminars as part of the free seminar programme and we have a surprise up our sleeve – something completely new in business continuity service provision, which we are excited to be sharing at BCI World…

Register for BCI World now to receive exclusive extras in the build-up to the event.

Register as a visitor for the free exhibition and seminar programme, or register as a delegate for the paid conference and use code: DAISY10 for 10% off.

Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2019

From webinars to agony uncles, here’s our calendar of events for BCAW 2019.

Business Continuity Awareness Week (13-17 May 2019) is an annual global event facilitated by the BCI. It’s a key vehicle to raising the awareness of the continuity and resilience, demonstrating the value that effective business continuity management can have to organizations of all types of sizes. This year’s theme is “Investing in Resilience”.

Click here to visit the BCAW web pages.
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