Transport Unified Communications and Lifecycle Management Solution

A busy nationwide transport network reduces the risk of costly delays and interruptions to services with 24/7 technical support from Daisy

A busy nationwide transport network relies on Daisy to provide 24/7 technical support, and to help them maintain the live communications that ensure safety and efficiency of service.

The Business Challenge

The customer’s operational infrastructure is highly regulated and safety-critical. It is responsible for various safety measures, including communication and automated systems. This means that any organisations they partner with must demonstrate the highest levels of certification and meet stringent criteria to ensure that they do not negatively impact connected systems, processes, and operations.

The customer needed to ensure that they could maintain communications across their network so that any problems could be immediately communicated to relevant parties to ensure safety and avoid unnecessary delays. If they lose contact with colleagues in other parts of the network, this can cause routes to close to avoid accidents. As a result, commuters can experience nationwide delays. To avoid this, backup plans must be built in, so that any technical issues will not prevent critical messages from being relayed in the event of an emergency.

To add another layer of complexity, most maintenance work has to happen at night. If a technical issue stops their communications, maintenance workers will not be able to access train lines for safety reasons, so any issues must be resolved quickly and at any given hour. Aside from causing delays, this can cause maintenance workers to claim frustrated contract, which has significant cost implications to the customer.

The Solution

Daisy has been a trusted provider of technology solutions to this customer since 1979. This has given us a deep insight into their specialist requirements and allowed us to integrate the ideal unified communications solution for their needs. This includes telephony applications, desktops, antivirus and provision of LAN for their closed operational telephony network.

We provide a telephony service to help colleagues stay in touch, with a built-in failsafe so that they can still communicate in the event of a power outage, or other technical fault. We also provide and maintain building management systems, such as air conditioning, as well as fire detection and suppression systems to protect their critical systems.

Daisy provides 24/7 support, within strict SLAs to ensure that systems are kept online, and any incidents are quickly addressed.

We also provide lifecycle management of the customer’s digital device and software assets. This includes obsolescence reporting to ensure that the customer is forewarned about any potential problems caused by outdated software or hardware and prompting them to refresh as required.

The Results

Aside from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all critical systems are secure and have backups built in, the customer mitigates the risk of costly delays and interruptions to service that might have otherwise resulted from communication outages

They also have round-the-clock access to technical experts who help them monitor and quickly recover from any technical problems they might have, both over the phone and through physical support from onsite engineers.

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Transport Unified Communications and Lifecycle Management Solution
  • Sector: Logistics
  • No. Employees: 25,000+
  • Services Taken: Unified Communications, End User Service Desk, Asset Lifecycle Management, Support and Managed Services

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