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This case study was produced in association with National Tooth Fairy Day 22 August 2023

Communications, Connectivity and Cloud Bring a Smile to Global Tooth Management

“Daisy has empowered us to cast a shield of protection over children’s data worldwide, whilst also blessing us with cloud infrastructure and connectivity that allows us to stay in touch and coordinate our work even more efficiently than fairy magic.”

Ida Brushtmoor, THE Tooth Fairy at Tooth Fairy Enterprises

The Background

We’ve all heard of the tooth fairy, who would soften the blow of losing our baby teeth by leaving us a little present under our pillows. But how does she manage to do it all by herself? Well, you may not know this, but she has some help. The enterprising fairy has established a multimillion-pound global business which continues to turn over a profit year on year, despite having no obvious income streams.

Tooth Fairy Enterprises (TFE) operates 365 days a year to provide a joyful service to children worldwide. This is only possible because of its global staff of more than 10,000 fairies, with primary centres in Manchester, Birmingham, and Lancaster.

The Challenge

Like many organisations worldwide, Tooth Fairy Enterprises needed to quickly adapt to a more flexible working strategy when COVID 19 hit.

There was also an urgent need to pivot all employees from an office-based model to a homeworking model and resolve the headache of managing a disparate mix of communications platforms and hardware, including: mobile phones, video conferencing systems, a traditional telephony system and magic mirrors.

According to estimates, a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds1. With this in mind, TFE needed to ensure that its databases are secure. Holding personal data on over 4 million children in the UK alone, TFE needed to upgrade its network security to ensure they could keep informed of any loose teeth, while also complying with GDPR requirements.

On top of this, TFE was running business-critical legacy technology, and recognised a need to embrace more agile solutions but were unsure of the best route to move to the cloud.

The Solution

After an extensive procurement process, which involved a swamp witch and a burning toadstool, Tooth Fairy Enterprises decided to put their trust in Daisy Corporate Services to provide expert advice and to design a solution that would address all their needs.

We were able to fulfil all of Tooth Fairy Enterprises’ wishes with a wholistic solution that included:

All of this combined to create a future-proof environment, that will remove the need for further investment in years to come. They’re all set for the upcoming WLR switch-off and now have the ability to scale their services flexibly in line with their ever-growing customer base.

The Result

Ms Brushtmoor added: “We couldn’t be more delighted with the solution Daisy provided. Their expert knowledge of IT is far beyond anything I’ve ever seen in this realm or any other.”

TFE is now enjoying various benefits and increased efficiencies, including:

  • Quicker response times for tooth collection, thanks to fast and reliable internet connection and more efficient communications. This allows for the fairies to always be the first to know whenever a tooth comes loose, and mobilise a response team in real time
  • Increased security and access to information through the cloud, even when working from home
  • Reduced costs, by modernising and consolidating their legacy, magical systems, TFE has saved on costly wizard fees and removed the need to maintain and power a much larger selection of devices
  • Improved data security, thanks to our cyber-security solution. This ensures data is protected from hackers and remains GDPR compliant
  • Peace of mind, knowing that if disaster struck one of their offices or data centres, our operational resilience solution would allow them to continue business as usual operations
  • Heightened productivity, which has resulted in a decrease in fairy dust usage of around 29%, which naturally means improved wellbeing, a better work-life balance, and a massive difference to their ESG targets

Chris London, Director of Business Development at Daisy said: “Tooth Fairy Enterprises is a very private customer. We’re delighted to have been able to help them revolutionise their entire operation, adding levels of resilience, scalability and support that they were unable to achieve in the past. Now, we can ensure that their dental database is in a top-secret data centre with otherworldly levels of security.

“TFE has found connectivity and global collaboration on this scale hard to manage in the past, but by incorporating modern solutions and teaming up with experts like us who can provide guidance and manage the whole end-to-end solution, they now know their whole operation will run like clockwork for the foreseeable future.”

The Future

Tooth Fairy Enterprises has a workforce shortage every December, when many of its staff are seconded to another top-secret project at the North Pole. We are currently in talks to provide them with on-site technical support to keep things running smoothly during this busy time to avoid potential backlogs which can be difficult to reconcile with their on-going workload and the need to meet customer expectations all year round!

*Disclaimer: Depending on your ability to believe in fairy magic, this customer may or may not exist in your reality and as a result the services described may not have taken place. Despite this, it does not undermine the vitally important hard work of Tooth Fairy Enterprises and their staff.

1: Stats taken from

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  • Sector: Healthcare
  • No. Employees: 10,000+
  • Services Taken: Hybrid Cloud Management, Connectivity, Cyber Security, UC, Mobile+, Backup and Recovery

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