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We promote that we do these things to the store directors, in our newsletter, and tell them what is going on behind the scenes but if they contacted us on a test day they wouldn’t be able to tell anything was different.

Kevin Bennett, Business Continuity Manager at Specsavers

The Background

Specsavers is an international optical group with an estimated 28 million customers. As an organisation, Specsavers operates a joint venture model with almost 2,000 store directors.

The Challenge

To satisfy its own and its corporate customers’ requirements, Specsavers required a business continuity plan to ensure staff could carry on work as usual in the event of a disaster. The need for this solution was heightened by a series of power cuts at one of its key locations.

The Solution

Workarea recovery, with full replication of IT and telecommunication systems, at two of Daisy’s business continuity centres in Nottingham and Hampshire.

The Benefits

Regular testing at the business continuity centres has proved that Specsavers is able to switch to its workarea recovery site with speed and simplicity. Daisy’s support staff helped Specsavers’ business continuity team overcome technical issues they were encountering when attempting to replicate systems. A fully supported service at the business continuity centres has ensured a smooth transition for staff.

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  • Sector: Retail
  • No. Employees: 10001+
  • Services Taken: Business Continuity

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