Retail Managed Services and Disaster Recovery Solution

By outsourcing key managed IT services to Daisy, one of the largest automotive retailers has laid the foundation for business growth by increasing the scope of their IT team

One of the world’s largest providers of automotive auctions and vehicle finance solutions relies on Daisy to act as an extension of their IT team, allowing them to scale up their IT functions in line with business growth.

The Business Challenge

While undergoing global expansion, the customer wanted to lay the foundation for growth within their business by expanding their IT functions. Rather than invest in whole new teams of IT staff, they wanted a partner they could turn to for technical expertise, filling skill gaps and increasing capacity.

Much of their business relies on technology to enable customer transactions. This means that any technical outage would have a direct and public impact on their customers, so they needed to put preventative measures in place to mitigate this risk. This meant giving all staff access to IT support when they need it, as well as providing on-site engineers who could quickly respond to any issues as they arise.

They also needed a contingency plan that would allow their systems to stay operational in the event of a disaster at one of their sites.

They also wanted to enable their customers to make financial transactions using their website. This is an area that involves a lot of expertise in legal considerations as well as online security measures, so they decided to outsource it.

The Solution

Daisy was chosen as the ideal partner to work as an extension of the customers own IT department, and to provide various managed services to ensure their technology can stay online, mitigating any risk of interruption to service.

Though the customers own IT teams will respond to some queries, Daisy’s technical experts are also on hand to help with any IT support requests as needed. This even includes some international support requests from their colleagues outside of the UK. We also provide on-site support by providing desk side engineers at three of their UK locations and a specialist server engineer at a fourth. This allows us to respond to any maintenance or support needs quickly and efficiently.

Daisy also provides managed IT infrastructure support. This includes image build, domain and SSL renewal management and LAN monitoring, to ensure their data centre network is running optimally.

To ensure they are covered in the case of technical failures, Daisy also provides break-fix support as well as disaster recovery. This means that if there is an incident that makes one of their locations unusable, the customers teams and any required server hardware can be quickly relocated to one of Daisy’s sites to ensure continuation of service.

To address the customers’ requirement for a financial solution on their public website, Daisy experts explained everything they need to know relating to the use of customer data in financial transactions and then integrated a tool into their website which allows customers to securely facilitate monetary transactions.

The Results

The teams now have the peace of mind of knowing that any IT issues will be quickly addressed, even if their own IT team is fully occupied. Any unforeseen disasters are accounted for, so customers can continue to enjoy the service they have come to expect without interruption.

They have also saved on staff overheads, by engaging Daisy’s team of experts to act as an extension of their own team instead of having to hire and train more people in-house. This extra pool of knowledge also means they can rely on their partners at Daisy to help them address any unexpected technical problems they might encounter, as well as advise on how to ensure their servers and network is running at their best.

As an added bonus of supplementing their IT team with Daisy’s experts, by outsourcing certain elements of their day-to-day responsibilities, the customers own IT professionals have additional capacity to focus on projects that will proactively benefit the business.

The customer’s website is now fully equipped with a highly secure, GDPR-compliant tool to enable monetary transactions. This creates a seamless user experience, allowing people to sell and purchase vehicles digitally without needing to add extra steps into the process. Equally, this self-service approach takes the strain off the customer’s own call centres.

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Retail Managed Services and Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Sector: Retail
  • No. Employees: Circa 55,000 (2,500 in the UK)
  • Services Taken: End User Service Desk, Managed Services, Cloud, Disaster Recovery

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