Financial Operational Resilience Solution

Quick Turnaround on Business Continuity for Global Bank


The Challenge

A large, full-service bank with reliance on another supplier for critical business continuity centre services faced an unexpected challenge when the centre faced closure and needed to accommodate essential, uninterrupted trading activities, including:

  • Work area seats for their dealer room infrastructure
  • Data centre hosting to allow for continued operations should the main site be inaccessible
  • A separate office for local traders
  • Convenient location for staff
  • All within three months’ notice

The Solution

After a diligent tender process, the bank chose Daisy as their solution provider to deliver:

  • Resilient power infrastructure for uninterrupted operations, even during power outages and disruptions
  • Robust security with a comprehensive ‘always available’ secure environment
  • Testing for eliminating single points of failure for reassurance of the bank’s trading infrastructure
  • Meticulous integration of IT systems and infrastructure into Daisy’s business continuity environment
  • 24/7 accessibility with facilities available and ready for action whenever needed
  • Minimal changes to traders’ commute and work environment
  • Smooth transition and familiarity for staff to increase comfort and productivity in times of use and reduce the need for training and onboarding

The Outcome

A plan B strategy for the bank to maintain business as usual if their main branch dealing room became inaccessible due to IT failure, cyber incidents, or extreme weather events, including:

  • Conveniently-located business continuity centre facilities
  • Time-sensitive transition to Daisy for business continuity, work area recovery and data centre hosting services
  • Daisy’s facilities ensure business-as-usual trading operations with resilient infrastructure and robust security measures
  • Access to a wider network of recovery sites
  • Invaluable guidance on regulatory compliance, risk management, security, and safeguarding
  • Significant cost reductions by minimising disruptions, enduring continuous operations, preventing revenue loss, avoiding penalties due to compliance, preserving brand reputation, reducing unnecessary expenses, reducing recovery costs, and long-term business sustainability

To read more details on this, view the full case study in .pdf format:

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  • Sector: Finance
  • No. Employees: 50,000
  • Services Taken: Work Area Recovery

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