Motoring Rapid IT Workforce Solution

Daisy Helps Motoring Organisation Achieve Its Digital Transformation Goals by Providing Skilled Experts to Supplement Their Internal Teams


The Challenge

One of the UK’s most established motoring organisations set itself ambitious digital transformation goals. Despite having a large team of professionals, what they wanted to achieve required more hands on deck. They needed a solution in place that would:

  • Reduce the pressure on internal teams from the increased workload
  • Allow them to continue business as usual IT operations without having to redirect resources
  • Avoid lengthy and expensive recruitment and onboarding processes

The Solution

Having already worked with Daisy for over a decade, we already provide secure hosted data centre racks that enable this customer to use co-location services and increase their resilience. They knew us as a trusted managed service provider, so turned to us for a solution. We provided:

  • Access to highly skilled specialists through our Rapid IT Workforce service
    • This included a diverse range of specialists, such as Unified Communications Engineers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Deployment Engineers and PMO Analysts
  • Consultancy to ensure compliance with IR35 legislation
  • Seamless integration of resource, with the ability to scale up and down in line with demand

The Result

The project has been a great success to date, with the customer benefitting from:

  • The ability to bypass the lengthy recruitment and training process, onboarding specialist skills within just 4-5 days
  • Reduced costs compared to average recruitment spend per head
  • Increased agility, with the new option of dynamically scaling the team to meet changing business needs
  • Improved colleague satisfaction by relieving the pressure of the increased workload and skill gaps

Andrew Locke, Account Director at Daisy Corporate Services said: “[The customer] is now in a very good position with their digital transformation journey, and that progress has been accelerated by the extra support from our specialists. Our Rapid IT Workforce is acting as an extension of their internal IT team in every sense – they all work together really well. Having them on board not only takes the press off [the customer]’s team, but the extra expertise and capacity means none of their essential ‘business as usual’ operations have to suffer in the name of progress.”

To read more details on this, view the full case study in .pdf format:

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Image of a car, signifying the motoring industry
  • Sector: Motoring
  • No. Employees: >7,000
  • Services Taken: Rapid IT Workforce

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