Hostelling Scotland

Daisy helps Hostelling Scotland to enhance their internal and customer communication systems and futureproof against the PSTN switch-off

Hostelling Scotland Case Study

The Challenge

A not-for-profit charity providing safe and affordable accommodation with a number of sites throughout Scotland, Hostelling Scotland wanted to upgrade their communication stacks with the goals of:

• Preparing for the PSTN switch-off
• Making the setup in each site consistent and easier to manage remotely
• Only a small IT team, with the burden of keeping outdated systems operational
• Ensuring customers could always speak to a member of staff, even when no one was on-site.

The Solution

Daisy has already worked with Hostelling Scotland for over 10 years providing:
• Phone lines
• Broadband
• Mobiles
• DDoS services
• Guest WiFi

Our expert consultants were able to come up with a solution that addressed their challenges, by introducing RingCentral’s cloud-based RingEX and contact centre solutions.

The IT Manager for Hostelling Scotland, George Will, said: “We were having to implement make-shift solutions before, but now we have an all-in-one solution that handles everything.”

The Result

“The difference between the old system and RingCentral is night and day.” says George. Overall, Hostelling Scotland has achieved their objectives by:

• Simplifying their communications infrastructure
• Enabling hybrid working through new video conference systems
• Improving the customer experience by allowing them to contact staff 24/7
• Increasing reliability and resilience of systems
• Making tangible cost savings on reduced energy use and by eliminating maintenance costs for hardware
• Future-proofing their system against the PSTN switch-off

If you’re interested in more detail, and hearing what Hostelling Scotland’s IT Manager had to say, view the full case study as a .pdf below:

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  • Sector: Hospitality
  • No. Employees: 150-300
  • Services Taken: Unified Communications, Connectivity, RingEX by RingCentral

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