Healthcare Service Desk, SIAM and Support Solution

Healthcare provider benefits from Daisy’s innovative SIAM solution and specialist expert support

We supported a healthcare provider that is supplying services for people with a wide range of physical and mental health needs. They employ around 8,000 staff to deliver 300 different services across more than 130 sites and community settings.

The Business Challenge

The customer had an existing fully managed service agreement with a single supplier for its IT infrastructure services. This was coming to an end, so they sought an infrastructure partner that could offer best-of-breed IT managed services. The customer also needed to integrate interdependent services from various internal and external providers to meet existing requirements, using a Service Integration and Model (SIAM). To provide a future-ready digital platform, this model also had to build on existing managed infrastructure and reuse elements of it wherever possible.

The customer set out clear objectives for this undertaking. It had to:

  • Deliver better value IT and improve service quality and reliability.
  • Successfully procure a managed service that would offer flexibility and responsiveness in the support of new services.
  • Enable a partnership conducive to the successful operation of integrated health and social care models.

As such, any new provider would need to work with the customer and existing providers of other services to deliver a cohesive managed infrastructure service. This would have to be built to bespoke specifications and they would be required to sign up to a collaboration agreement.

The Solution

Following the tendering process, Daisy was selected as the provider of choice, scoring particularly highly on both quality of offering and cost. The winning proposal was Daisy’s SIAM solution, with Daisy performing as well as running the primary IT service desk.

Since the outset of the contract, Daisy also manages end user services across desktops and core management applications including:

  • Active Directory
  • Group policy
  • DNS
  • NHSMail
  • Mailsafe sign-on
  • Identity agents

Daisy has also completed a Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade across more than 8,000 desktops. This upgrade has ensured that the estate is supportable, secure, and managed on an ongoing basis. Having this managed by Daisy experts has allowed the customer to focus their attention on core operating needs, such as patient outcomes and the customer journey. They then entrust Daisy to provide the underpinning technology that supports the organisation’s clinicians in the delivery of their services.

The Results

Daisy’s combined solution has enabled the customer to more readily adapt to constantly changing requirements. The outcome is that the care of patients is underpinned by an infrastructure that is future-ready and will grow as the organisation does. There have also been more tangible benefits already in evidence. Thanks to the delivery of digitisation that this solution presents, patient user journeys have been vastly improved. This enables those in need to get access to required services more quickly. This same infrastructure then also enabled the efficient deployment of COVID19 vaccination centres to deliver much needed preventative treatment during the pandemic.

Daisy helps with up to 60 projects for this customer at any one time to ensure that those that rely on the care it provides have an excellent patient experience. Going forward, we will continue to optimise the services already in place and support the organisation in their acquisition of new services that can ultimately help improve patient care.

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Healthcare Service Desk, SIAM and Support Solution
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • No. Employees: 8,000
  • Services Taken: End User Service Desk, Service Integration and Management (SIAM), Support and Managed Services

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