Healthcare Provider Asset Lifecycle and Managed Services Solution

UK healthcare provider relies on Daisy Services to empower them to best serve their patients

We provide critical technology support to a specialist provider of mental health, learning disabilities, wellbeing, and community services in the UK.

This customer provides essential care to some of the most vulnerable people in society, so we need to ensure that their technology empowers them to deliver it in the most efficient way through effective communication and by maintaining availability of services.

The Business Challenge

Rising demands on the healthcare industry in recent years meant that this customer needed to guarantee that any technical issues with their IT systems were addressed quickly to avoid interruption of service.

On top of this, the COVID-19 lockdown meant that this customer needed to quickly expand their remote access solution to allow 3,000 more staff to work remotely.

At the same time, dealing with sensitive patient records meant they also had to maintain their stringent security requirements and protect the data they hold from cyber-attacks.

The Solution

During lockdown, we helped this customer enable remote working by quickly redesigning their existing VPN system to allow dual active/active running with many users going agile with new laptops. This enabled workers to log in to the network remotely and securely via the cloud, while ensuring their IT team had full control over the data, devices, and user profiles.

To facilitate the new remote working solution, we had to address a bottleneck in their existing legacy 1G WAN network by seamlessly migrating them into a new optimised 10G WAN and LAN routing network. This was achieved with rapid deployment to avoid any interruption of service.

The customer also relies on Daisy for asset lifecycle management services. This includes provision of various hardware devices, as well as rollout services and implementation of software applications, including antivirus and standard collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, which we deployed to 5000 users in less than a week.

To respond quickly to any IT issues, we provide technical support via our dedicated service desk engineers and if on-site support is needed, our engineers visit any of the customer’s 100 locations to provide hands-on responses to problems with network, infrastructure, or end user devices.

The overall solution is underpinned by Daisy service management, which provides supporting processes and services based on the ITIL framework. These are delivered by industry-leading enterprise-grade toolkits on-premises and in the cloud, integrated with the customer’s helpdesk systems.

The Results

The customer has gained peace of mind, knowing that any technical problems can be addressed quickly by Daisy’s trained experts, either over the phone, via live chat, or in person.

The initial investment in this solution has provided the customer with simplified and reliable platforms, which can be built upon to deliver future benefits in line with the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry including adding resilience to the infrastructure, removing single points of failure, and providing robust security mechanisms to protect against cyber attacks.

They also now enjoy cost savings achieved through fixed price and consumption-based payment models. This allows them to make sure they are only paying for the services they need, so that they can prove to stakeholders that they are using their budget efficiently.

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Healthcare Service Desk, SIAM and Support Solution
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • No. Employees: 5,000+
  • Services Taken: Service desk, End user device support and management, Network and compute Infrastructure management, IMAC and project services, Service management, Asset management

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