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Multinational Finance and Insurance Company Experiences the Value and Importance of Having a Robust Work Area Recovery Contract in Place

AC016 case study

A multinational finance and insurance company recently turned to Daisy to help them quickly put into place a work area recovery (WAR) solution. With over 1.5 million UK customers relying on them to provide essential services, they needed to make sure that their 5,000+ employees were ready and available to respond, even in the event of their own IT systems failing.

The Business Challenge

In the aftermath of a crippling cyber attack, the customer’s multinational business was left unable to carry out their core operations. This had a major impact on office-based, as well as home working colleagues, and in turn, their customers.

Only a matter of weeks before the incident, the client had decided not to renew their contract for WAR services when it next came up for renewal, as they believed that working from home provided a viable alternative solution. This was a common trend among many businesses as they transitioned towards remote working as the new norm. This left them vulnerable, and when the breach happened, they had no backup plan to get back online while the situation was addressed.

The security breach happened through their third-party telephony service provider, which caused all their telephony systems to stop working. As a result, they had to shut down their entire IT infrastructure to handle and restrict the damage. This meant even employees working remotely via VPN or with softphones were taken offline.

They needed to get back online and quickly. They also recognised the need to prevent any similar interruptions of service in the future. This meant ensuring they had a backup solution ready so they could quickly get back on their feet if faced with other unforeseen scenarios in the future.

The Solution

Having previously relied on our WAR services, Daisy was the obvious choice of partner to address this need.

We were able to quickly turn the situation around and get them back in action by relocating more than 1,200 of their employees into three of our specialist WAR sites located throughout the UK across 5 days. We made sure they were able to stay in touch with their customers and each other by rerouting all incoming calls while their own telephony system was being restored.

The Results

With their calls rerouted and their staff in place in our WAR facilities, the customer was able to quickly resume operations and mitigate further disruption to service while they worked towards repairing the damage from the attack and getting their own systems back online.

Martin Lewis, Operational Resilience Sales Manager at Daisy Corporate Services said: “Our expertise and resources allowed us to swiftly respond to [their] needs and provide them with a reliable work area recovery solution.

“As a result of the incident and the support provided by us, [the customer] experienced first-hand the value and importance of having a robust WAR contract in place. Our quick response and ability to situate more than 1,200 staff across three of our UK work area recovery locations enabled them to continue providing vital services to their customers and protect their brand reputation.”

Soon after, this customer opted to extend their contract with us for WAR provision, in order to safeguard the security of their business operations and demonstrate their commitment to providing uninterrupted services to their customers.

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Finance case study
  • Sector: Finance
  • No. Employees: 5,000+
  • Services Taken: Work Area Recovery

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