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Unified Communications Made Easier For Nursery Staff

Daisy has helped to free up time as well as save us money. We are also very mindful of environmental impact, guided by our own Future Earth Green Agenda. The new Daisy system has helped us with our commitment to minimise our carbon footprint.

Personally, I’d like to say how easy Daisy have been to work with. As well as making my work life so much easier, Daisy has been proactive, reliable, and collaborative throughout every stage of this process. I would not hesitate to recommend Daisy to any organisation looking to save money, save employee time, and condense their list of suppliers, hardware and software.

What we really loved about expanding on our relationship with Daisy is how much easier it has made so many aspects of our business, particularly in streamlining IT and telecommunications operations.

-Gary Phillips, Senior Global Network and Telecoms, Manager at Bright Horizons

The Background

Bright Horizons works with leading employers to provide a wide range of innovative and practical solutions to support the changing needs of working families. These include back-up care, coaching and development, and a large network of workplace and community nurseries. The company employs over 7,000 staff in around 300 sites across the UK.

The Challenge

Before switching to Daisy, Bright Horizons was using a range of different PBXs provided by several different suppliers. They had identified that this was becoming increasingly costly and was causing inefficiencies in administration, with staff needing to deal with multiple bills and paperwork each month.

In addition, the looming PSTN switch off meant that many of Bright Horizons’ sites would soon need to upgrade their phone lines.

The company wished to modernise and streamline their technological estate, while also cutting costs. They were looking for one sole supplier to provide an up-to-date service that was reliable and easy to use.

The Solution

After looking into a number of options, Bright Horizons chose Daisy as their preferred supplier, we delivered a Mitel Cloud Solution in 282 locations ensuring that the phones, training, cabling were implemented as part of a single site visit.

Bright Horizons’ key priority is the safety and wellbeing of the nursery children at all times. In line with this, to allow them to accept and make phone calls, managers and nursery staff needed to have handsets which they could take from room to room, rather than being limited to the nursery office. We installed phones that were maintainable, supported, and easy to use in each room and which were compatible with PoE, WiFi or DECT as required.

Alongside this, we further met Bright Horizons’ needs by rounding out our solution with:

  • Mitel subscription licensing
  • Daisy Flex private cloud platform
  • Gamma SIP services
  • Service management
  • Training for their IT staff
  • Call analytics platform
  • Daisy professional services
  • Mid contract software upgrades
  • Remote site support and handset replacement
  • Bespoke billing

There were a number of reasons that Bright Horizons chose Daisy as their preferred supplier, these included:

  • Our proven track record, shown by contracts with organisations comparable to Bright Horizons.
  • Our credibility in the area, shown by a long-standing partnership with vendors including Mitel who supply some of their existing systems, as well as our recent award wins.
  • We had worked with Bright Horizons on other projects in the past, so they had experienced the benefits of working with us first hand and we had built a relationship of trust.
  • We explored and finalised the best technical solution during a number of proof-of-concept installations.
  • We delivered a bespoke commercial solution based on a single charge per nursery location per month.

The Result

Bright Horizons benefitted from a significant recurring cost saving and a significant improvement in terms of ease of use and support. We worked closely with them to identify the right solutions for each of their requirements and were able to exceed expectations by delivering a detailed and tailored proposition.

Bright Horizons felt the benefit of:

  • Enabling their staff to focus on their key objectives and professional responsibilities, since we were able to step in to assist staff with expert knowledge on more complex specific technical and IT projects. This was made possible through our Daisy professional services and service management offerings.
  • Greater flexibility and insight. Bright Horizons was able to increase their internet and telephony capacity as and when required, thanks to our flexible cloud environment offering. They now also use our call analytics platform to further monitor telephone traffic to make informed decisions about future use. This supports Bright Horizons’ commitment to providing the best levels of service throughout the customer journey.
  • Up to date and futureproof telephone and IT systems. We upgraded their Mitel business phone systems, fitting them with Gamma SIP calling capabilities. As a result, they now have modern calling capability, insured against the upcoming PSTN switch off. We also provided extra training for their IT staff and mid contract software upgrades, keeping them up to date with the latest technology.
  • Driving transformation and sustainability. A cloud solution that could help Bright Horizon accelerate transformation, add value – all whilst while creating a sustainable future.
  • Consolidation of suppliers and technology. Rather than dealing with a multitude of suppliers, each bringing their own billing, technology, procedures and relationships, Bright Horizons now has one supplier with uniform reporting and hardware. This makes using and maintaining equipment immeasurably easier for childcare professionals, technical staff and managers alike.
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  • Sector: Care and Education/Work- Life services
  • No. Employees: 7,000
  • Services Taken: Mitel, SIP Trunking, Daisy Flex Private Cloud Platform and Break/Fix Maintenance

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