What is it?

AutoSwitch, also known as PAC by SMS, is new legislation being implemented from 1 July 2019 throughout the mobile industry and is aimed at simplifying the process of changing providers for mobile users. The new legislation applies to requests for mobile numbers with a total of up to 24 and is designed to make that process easier, while removing any out-of-contract costs related to changing supplier.

Here’s a simple overview of how it will work:

Step 1
A customer can request a PAC by texting 65075, a STAC by texting 75075 and Switching Information only by texting 85075. They can also request via their providers online account management portals or by phone, or email.
Step 2
A response from the provider (via the means requested or by SMS) will detail the required information including codes and related charges. This must be provided to a business customer within 2 working days, or within 2 hours if the customer has a consumer agreement with their provider.
Step 3
Once the customer has been issued with a PAC or a STAC, it is then the customer’s responsibility to give this to their new provider. The PAC and STAC codes will only be valid for 30 days.
Step 4
It will be the new provider’s responsibility to either take ownership of the existing mobile phone number using the PAC, or to provide a new mobile phone number and ensure the old number is disconnected via the old provider by using the STAC. Either process must be actioned and complete within 1 working day of the new supplier receiving the relevant code from the customer or the agreed date.


How to make a request with Daisy Corporate Services?

If you wish to request a PAC code, a STAC code or your Switching Information – there are 3 ways to do so. If your request is for more than 1 mobile number you can only do this by logging into MyAccount or calling the support desk.

Please note: If you choose to terminate your agreement with us before your minimum term ends, a cancellation charge will apply which is known as Early Termination Fees. The fees consist of the value of the remaining contracted services and duration. You must pay everything you owe if you terminate your agreement with us whether you’re just cancelling your contract or whether you’re switching to a new provider.

Please see below and choose whichever way works best for you to request your codes or Switching Information.


Make your request over the phone:

Call our support desk who may need to put you through to the right team. The PAC code, STAC code or Switching Information will be generated and provided over the phone.


Make your request via text:

These short codes will be the same regardless of who your current service provider is.

Please note you can only make the request for the number you are texting from.

  • To request your PAC code text PAC to 65075
  • To request your STAC code text STAC to 75075
  • To request your switching information text INFO to 85075


Make your request online:

Admin user access, or permission assigned by an admin user is required to access the AutoSwitch feature.

  • Log into MyAccount
  • Click “Manage Mobiles”
  • Click “Auto Switch”
  • Follow the instructions for the AutoSwitch wizard to raise your PAC or STAC request.


What does this mean for us:

The short code text facility and the supply of the Switching Information is completely free of charge. As is the supply and application of both the STAC code and PAC code when using AutoSwitch.

This is to make the switching process simpler for under 25 mobile number requests using the AutoSwitch process, and works alongside the standard way of requesting PAC codes over the phone or via email for anything above 25 mobile numbers.

Every Daisy Corporate Services mobile user will have access to request a PAC or STAC code and their Switching Information for their specific mobile number – via the short text codes.

There will also be access granted to users on MyAccount to request PAC, STAC or Switching Information. With the account decision makers being able to make requests for up to 24 mobile numbers via MyAccount, or over the phone.

The application of a PAC code or STAC code will be completed within 1 working day. Meaning a number transfer when using a PAC, or the disconnection of the old provider number when using a STAC will be completed within 1 working day. If you wish to set a date for the PAC or STAC to be applied this can also be done, as long as the PAC or STAC code is valid beyond that date.

All PAC, STAC or Switching Information requests for under 25 mobile numbers will receive a response within 2 working days. If you wish to contact our support desk with any questions please feel free to do so.

If you have any questions around this please contact your account manager, or our support teams on 0330 024 3333 or via email on