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You can also add users from your organisation – simply complete the form below and your users will be sent a login email and password to access and place orders via the DCS Webstore – you can also cap the spending limit for each user.

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  • On behalf of the Company, I authorise Daisy Corporate Services Trading Limited (“DCS”) to provide access to the DCS webstore and authority to purchase goods from the DCS Webstore (in accordance with the form below) to the following individuals:
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DCS will use and protect any information provided in this access request form in accordance with its Privacy Policy. By providing the information in this access request form you are providing your consent and the consent of the Authorised Users to your/their personal data being processed in accordance with DCS’s Privacy Policy.

*Terms and Conditions.
By submitting the webstore access request form you acknowledge that: (a) You are authorised to complete this access request form on the Company’s behalf; (b) the “Authorised Users” specified in this access request form are authorised by the Company to view or view and purchase products from the DCS Webstore (as indicated in the table above); (c) all instructions to purchase in accordance with this access request form shall be deemed to have been made by the Company; and (d) it is your responsibility to inform DCS of any changes or additions to the Authorised Users set out in this access request form.

The DCS General Terms and Conditions for Supply of Products will apply to any order placed by the Authorised Users.