As more users connect with more devices everyone expects a fast, reliable connection. We can help you deliver a great networking experience for your faculty, students and guests as well as their multiple devices. Daisy solutions powered by Aruba can be tailored to your specific needs – from helping support an increased load on networks, to providing up-to- date security patching and network management. Whether a complete solution or as a service on top of your existing hardware. We give you the tools to ensure you create amazing connected experiences.

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Why Daisy?

As experts in deploying public-facing and business WiFi, we can tailor efficient and cost-effective solutions specific to your business’ needs – from a hosted controller and a monthly subscription service, to a fully-managed wireless solution, with gold-plated network security for reliability and peace of mind.

Plus, with our dedicated team of experts and engineers, we work nationwide and provide ongoing support 365 days of the year.