Pass the Remote: The Role of SD-WAN in the Year of Homeworking [Guide]

Pass the Remote: The Role of SD-WAN in the Year of Homeworking [Guide]

Learn how SD-WAN enables today’s remote workforce in this must-read guide

The global outbreak of COVID-19 sees businesses facing unparalleled challenges. IT departments are having to think on their feet – particularly those where part of the workforce works remotely, and the other part are back in the office. Some organisations struggle to adopt an entire remote working scenario; others struggle with the upgrades required to allow remote working, and more again struggle to ensure that employees can remain productive for what might be an extended period of disruption. Whichever one of these scenarios applies to you, the solution is the same – it’s time to pandemic-proof the WAN.

Why read this SD-WAN guide?

While SD-WAN is not a completely new player in the networking field, it’s certainly one that has really stepped up to the plate in recent months. In fact, many organisations that made the move to SD-WAN found it easier to implement remote working quickly during the early weeks of COVID-19 challenges.

What you’ll learn from this SD-WAN guide?

Whether you’re struggling to adopt a long-term remote working strategy or you’re worried about keeping employees productive whilst at home, this short and simple read explores:

  • How Cisco Meraki SD-WAN can replicate a seamless office experience from home
  • How easy it is for IT departments to navigate the terrain of remote support
  • How to maintain visibility of employee networks and monitor performance
  • The beauty of opting for SD-WAN as a managed service

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