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Pandemic disruption has resulted in UK universities and colleges reimagining education with a blend of virtual and physical experiences, and creating digitally-enabled methods of achieving flexibility, agility, and resilience.

These benefits and transforming to a student-centric approach can be achieved with a digital agenda, but it’s not without its challenges. For example, overcoming dependencies on legacy technology and addressing digital poverty – in a landscape where cyber threats are ubiquitous.

Being digital natives, today’s students are seeking institutions that can meet their high expectations. Your academic and administrative leaders are also demanding cost, speed, and quality requirements are met – so you need an IT strategy that delivers what everyone needs.

Daisy is the IT partner of choice for more than 100 HE and FE institutions, thanks to our extensive heritage of IT, communications and cloud, coupled with the highest accreditations with the leading global vendors.

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The rise of remote learning and online teaching has created an environment where distinctions between hardware, software, cloud, and services, as well as the responsibilities of third-party providers are increasingly blurred. As IT estates are diversifying and the perimeter is no longer a discrete network, vulnerabilities are increasing just as cybercrime becomes more sophisticated. Third-party providers can help, but while you can outsource services you can’t outsource the risk. Service provider security and privacy controls may not be as tight as institutions require so finding a reliable partner for digital transformation and cloud adoption, is key.


With ransomware incidents still on the rise, and the education sector one of the most popular targets, it’s important to have a rigorous backup regimen and keep multiple copies of critical data locally, off-campus, and in the cloud. This will help to protect your systems from the operational disruptions and high costs of successful ransomware attacks.

Connecting the education sector

We’re passionate about the role digital has to play in enriching the learning experience for staff and students alike but we understand that embarking on a journey of digital transformation is far from easy. That’s why we’re ready to help you build a flexible and future-proof digital strategy.

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