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The student’s of today and tomorrow are digital natives who expect more from technology than their predecessors, where personalised experiences based on preferences and behaviours are the ultimate goal.

As a result, ‘connected campuses’ will need to shape as much of the study experience as physical campuses and in order to stand out from the crowd, technology and communications need putting at the very heart of their institutions to help reshape and reimagine everything they do.

Fight back against ransomware

Ransomware incidents are growing at an alarming rate, and the education sector is one of the most popular targets. Given the high success rate of ransomware attacks, educational institutions must have a rigorous backup regimen and keep multiple copies of critical data locally, off-campus, and in the cloud. This will protect their systems from the operational disruptions and high costs of successful ransomware attacks.

We have a backup solution that incorporates ransomware protection to defend against these threats and enable educational institutions to recover from attacks quickly. The platform uses machine learning to detect ransomware attacks in progress, instantly terminate them, and quickly and automatically restore any damaged files, regardless of their size. Find out more >>

Our Solutions

Our library of cyber security information provides useful guides, insightful articles, and a self-evaluation tool to help you identify and address gaps or weak points in your security posture.

Connecting the education sector

We understand that embarking on a journey of digital transformation is far from easy, that’s why we’re passionate about the role digital and big data have to play in enriching the learning experience for staff and students alike. We’re poised and ready to help build flexible and future-proof digital strategies.


The scope of the agreement covers the supply and support of a broad range of routing and switching equipment; from low-end customer premises equipment (CPE), through to mid-range enterprise and high-end carrier class type equipment supporting up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet.

Daisy has been awarded a places on 3 different lots of the JISC Janet – Routers and switches framework.

3 Extreme
8 Juniper
10 Palo Alto

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