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What is Work Area Recovery (WAR)?

Work Area recovery (sometimes called Workplace Recovery) is the provision of alternative offices that your staff can work from if they are unable to work from their usual location, be that office or home. This could be due to disruption from security, IT or environmental factors, utility issues or any unforeseen event.
Our resilient Business Continuity Centres have UPS power and generator backup and are fully furnished with everything your staff need for their comfort, security, technology and office equipment. This includes on-site support from our experienced business continuity staff and recovery engineers.

When you are contracted to a work area recovery service, we have your desktop images, your data and connectivity all ready and waiting so that when your staff arrive at any of your contracted locations, they can access everything they need, just as they would from their usual home or office. They can access their primary systems if the incident does not impact these, or an alternate clean and separate recovery IT system, if the incident impacts primary systems or access to them. This enables the business to continue operating while primary systems or locations are restored.

More than just traditional workplace recovery services

FlexPlace – a workplace for recovery and business as usual

Your people are flexible and agile, so it makes sense to use work area recovery services that are flexible and agile as well, to suit the needs of your staff and your business. Our FlexPlace option means that we deliver office space that best supports your business needs. And not just for use in disaster recovery, but for business-as-usual capacity on-demand, training, business growth, premises reservations/alterations.

With locations available throughout the UK and flexible transport options to suit every business requirement, Daisy remains true to its core in terms of our Business Continuity use case but with a broad estate offering this type of flexibility and value add to our customers is what makes us the partner of choice for work area recovery and office space services in the UK. Wherever you are, you’re never far from a Daisy Business Continuity Centre delivering recovery and resilience for displaced staff when things go wrong.

Safe Haven cyber-breach management

Daisy delivers off-site support in the event that your business is breached and you need somewhere safe and uninfected for your staff to work from. Our business continuity centres provide a clean environment, access to clean networks and services and the ability to revert to uninfected data for however long it takes your information security team to restore you back to business-as-usual. In the event of a breach, an organisation may be at greater risk of further disruption, so the peace of mind our Safe Haven can provide is invaluable.

Find out more about Safe Haven cyber-breach management

Workplace Recovery

We’ve been delivering industry-leading dedicated and syndicated work area recovery seats in the UK for more than 20 years and provide of all the IT, office and environmental facilities that your employees need, when they are displaced from their usual working environment. Our “home from home” services are ready when you arrive, with our experienced staff on hand to ensure everything runs according to your tried and tested plans.

We are the only business continuity provider to offer a Voluntary Supplier Risk Declaration (VSRD) to help you manage your risk effectively, and we keep the best syndication ratios in the business. For our customers in the finance sector, our inner and outer London recovery options include dealer desks with Bloomberg and Reuters feed capabilities enabling real-time trading.

These days, we have both traditional work area recovery requirements to meet and also more progressive use-cases, where we help customers remain competitive, responsive and agile in their markets. You can use our facilities in a variety of ways, in order to best meet your desired business outcomes for a recovery or for business as usual.

Remote and virtual desktop solutions

We can deliver all the functionality of your workplace recovery facilities, in a virtual capacity. This is delivered via a secure, easily accessible, customisable desktop that is linked to your recovery environment.

Office on-demand

We can deliver quickly deployed, extra capacity to help you to scale up when things are going well, to support the launch of new services, training requirements and seasonal bursts where additional resource is required – so that you don’t have to invest in infrastructure to support ad hoc usage.

Mobile Office

Our 40ft recovery trailers deliver on-board office space for your IT department or a small contact centre team to work from, should you suffer a localised issue effecting your comms room or a critical team.

Office Space

All the IT, office and environmental facilities you need. Our serviced office space can be a great alternative to a long-term property commitment, if you’re reducing office space or looking for ways to increase seats “on-demand” in response to certain needs or challenges. A serviced solution gives you the edge by liberating you from expensive commitments and complex continuity considerations.

Visit our FlexSpace page for more information on our serviced office facilities with comprehensive technology options.

Daisy delivers business continuity throughout the UK.

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