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In today’s always-on, fast-paced world, hundreds of UK businesses trust Daisy to keep them going when things go wrong. Like them, you can benefit from our data protection and recovery services to keep your staff and customers connected to systems and data in the event of a business interruption.

Thanks to our 30 years of recovery expertise, we can deliver the most appropriate data protection strategy for your specific needs, to achieve your recovery point and recovery time objectives – and save you money.

Daisy’s data protection and recovery solutions are vendor agnostic, so that we can apply the most appropriate technology to meet your business outcomes.

What’s more, these services can be fully integrated with our Business Continuity Management, Workarea Recovery and traditional IT Disaster Recovery services. As well as delivering better business outcomes, our recovery services can be delivered flexibly via the cloud, physically to your site or to one of our industry-leading Business Continuity Centres.

Most importantly, we deliver full data resilience and off-site data compliance.

eBackup solutions

With service levels to suit every organisation, our eBackup suite contains everything you need for data protection and recovery, regardless of your size and complexity. We’ve consolidated our portfolio so that we are able to deliver a single solution that is simple to deploy, resilient, recoverable, compliant and cost-effective.

  • Essentials – Self-service portal-based solution for any business looking to deploy a fast and simple off-site data backup. Ideal for SMBs
  • Enterprise – Ideal for mid-market organisations requiring timed and continuous data protection with supported recovery and enhanced support from our specialist recovery team
  • Enterprise Plus – The ultimate solution for fully managed, business-critical data protection with recovery management support our specialist recovery team

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All of the following services are available as part of our eBackup portfolio:

Data insight

We can help you to understand your data and align how you manage it to its criticality, importance and value to your business. Daisy’s Data insight provides valuable and detailed information on your infrastructure, that can help drive both competitive advantage and recovery assurance.

Accessible within a self-contained user-friendly web site, you can easily delve into information on the age of specific data, duplicate data, largest files and much more. Armed with this information, you will be able to better understand your data sprawl and make informed decisions on where your data needs to reside, how best to protect it, and what could be removed or moved to lower cost storage.


Daisy offers a simple S3 compatible object store, hosted and managed in our UK owned and operated data centres. As well as offering all the flexibility and ease of use of public cloud S3 storage, it uniquely offers simple, inclusive, pence per GB pricing with no hidden charges. You won’t be charged to recover your data or for any other access or transaction fees.

The Daisy S3 storage seamlessly integrates into the eBackup service portfolio, acting as the archive layer for many of the services. It’s also ideal for aligning the value of your data through ‘storage tiering’. This works by allowing you to easily move selected files from your live environment, off-site and into the Daisy cloud – expanding your storage capability instantly on an OPEX model. It gives you the ability to free up expensive primary storage capacity and simultaneously reduce backup and recovery times through storage tiering. It’s easy to understand how this saves you time and money, and helps prolong the life of your existing infrastructure investments.


Daisy’s Archiving solution can alleviate a number of your data challenges and help you to achieve greater levels of business availability. For example, if you’re running out of primary storage or stuck in an expensive upgrade cycle, your primary storage devices are running slower, you’re unable to meet your backup windows or find it hard to distinguish between business critical and business important data.

Archiving is a flexible and secure way to easily and automatically move selected files and data away from your live environment to a Daisy owned or public cloud. Not only does this free up space on your primary storage, it ensures your data is more efficiently aligned to the right performance and cost storage platform, without investing in new hardware. In this way, it saves you time and money and helps to prolong the life of your existing infrastructure investments.

For more efficient, cost-effective data management, you can blend our active archive service with our eBackup. Your users enjoy seamless access to historic file data on demand, from a secure, durable and cost effective long term storage platform.

Did you know?

In most organisations, only 20% of file data is business-critical. 80% of file data is ‘inactive’ but cannot be deleted for practical, legal and compliance reasons. Only 2% will need to be touched again, but as nobody knows which 2%, it all needs to be accessible and indexed.

With eBackup, we can help you identify what you can send to our active-archive, so that you save time and money on backups, and free up expensive tier one storage.

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