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What is Daisy WiFi Protect?

A cloud-based security filtering system for your public and corporate network environment applied without any changes to the end client software, group policy or configuration. With the ability to deter botnets and phishing. All DNS requests from a device on the network are passed to the Protect platform. These are checked against the security policy and either resolved or redirected to a block page. The security policy is configurable on the cloud portal and can be tailored for individual locations.

Daisy Protect provides a safe and secure surfing experience for all WiFi users. Controlling the content available across a variety of profiles and policies.

Why choose Daisy WiFi Protect?

Have peace of mind that anyone using your WiFi will have a safe experience with only appropriate content being accessed. With Protect you can:

  • Filter and block content by category (e.g. gambling, gaming and adult content)
  • Filter at domain level (e.g.
  • Use white and black lists to override category and domain level settings for more sophisticated filtering
The Implementation of the solution is straight forward. This is applied to all connecting hosts by using the authorised DNS setting in the DHCP. We have standard policies that can be initially applied and then tailored to your needs or requirements. We also have standard profiles to block certain Apps or browser tricks. It can be tested, piloted, and all individually if required. We can apply this to a single VLAN or a whole network. Our consultants carry a depth of experience with all implementations.

It just works…

By just pointing DNS to us, security is simple to deploy. By enforcing security in the cloud, Protect is easy to manage. No hardware to install. No software to maintain. Nothing you need to update.

How does Daisy WiFi Protect work?

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