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As a software-as-a-service offering, it is NOT Microsoft’s responsibility to protect Microsoft 365 data. Microsoft manages the infrastructure and maintains uptime for users, but the data remains solely the customer’s responsibility – despite what many businesses assume. What happens when someone accidentally deletes your data? Or when you lose data because of ransomware or a malicious attack? Businesses need to ensure they have access to and control over all of their business-critical data, wherever it resides. This is where Daisy can help.

Daisy’s Microsoft 365 Backup service powered by NetApp provides full, ‘on-site’ style backup capabilities to protect your Microsoft 365 environment, so that data that is lost or compromised, can be recovered.

Did you know?

Microsoft takes care of the infrastructure, but the data and backup remains your responsibility.

> Read the Microsoft 365 Backup & Recovery Responsibility [Report]

Support packages on offer start with an easy to use portal for accessing the Microsoft 365 backup application. This enables self-managed protection of Microsoft 365 data. An intermediary level provides additional support and the most comprehensive option delivers a full cloud deployment of Microsoft 365 backup, where Daisy manages the service end-to-end.

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  • Data protection for Microsoft 365
  • No vendor lock-in of your data
  • Data retention for compliance and regulatory purposes
  • Data availability if a SaaS offering fails
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*Please note that this offer is limited to one free trial per company. The free trial will end after 30 days. You will have the option to sign up for the full service, but you are under no obligation to do so. Should you not wish to sign up for the full service, your data will be deleted in accordance with the general data protection regulation. *Please note that this offer is limited to one free trial per company at the Essentials service level. (etc.)