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More than just a lifeline in a disaster

Networking is the backbone of everything in IT. Businesses are ever more reliant on having fast, reliable connectivity for day-to-day use and need to maintain that connectivity in the event of an incident or outage.

If your network goes down, we can keep you connected with low cost, high bandwidth, resilient connectivity. Whether you need a simple line connection or full hybrid connectivity to your premises, public cloud, or homeworkers, we deliver robust and secure network communications.

Daisy’s network recovery services stretch the breadth of the UK and into the public cloud and underpin all of our services including Work Area Recovery, IT Disaster Recovery and Data Protection & Recovery, offering you a single seamless experience wherever you need it.

Our carrier grade core network is business optimised specifically for todays interconnected world.  Unlike other business continuity providers, we don’t have to partner with external companies for the expertise to deliver the full range of cloud connectivity options – we have the skills in house, so your solution is fully supported and recoverable by Daisy.

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Cyber Security and Safe Haven

A secure space when you need it

If your business is breached, one of your most critical concerns (above and beyond managing the breach) is to be able to connect to colleagues, suppliers, customers and the outside world in a safe and secure way.

Daisy provides that secure, safe, clean environment, for your network, staff and business, with our Safe Haven solution.

88% of UK businesses reported that they have had a breach in the past 12 months

Of those 88% of businesses, more than 25% have had a breach 5 or more times

89% of businesses reported that the threats they are experiencing are growing in their complexity

93% of UK organisations are planning to increase their cyber defence spending
Safe Haven offers not only a clean isolated network, but also a clean working location for your organisation through our nationwide network of continuity centres, providing a safe place for your staff and IT environment. We also deliver clean IT and data wherever you need it, whether that be at a business continuity centre, your unaffected sites or data centres, the Internet and public cloud, in any combination.

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