Asset Lifecycle Management

Management of your device from procurement to disposal

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Our Asset Lifecycle service is the series of stages involved in the management of an asset. It starts with the planning and procurement of a device through build, deploy and management stages when the need for an asset is identified, and continues all the way through its useful life and eventual disposal.

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Device and Licence Supply

Daisy enjoys long-standing, trusted partnerships with the world’s top technology providers. That means more than 20,000 product lines from phone handsets to servers, at the keenest prices. We also have the expertise to match your needs to the right solution – allowing you to plan, equip and integrate all hardware and software in a strategic and truly cost-efficient way.

Our end-to-end approach covers all hardware, software, licensing, and vendor support. We can provide you with a technical quotation service across our broad range of vendors and solutions, turning quotes around quickly and making your life easier with finance options and ongoing support.

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Make your hard-pressed IT budgets go further with our tailored, competitive, and flexible finance solutions.

Working with vendors or finance providers, Daisy can offer customers flexible and tailored finance solutions, including lease and Tech as a Service (TaaS) with Device as a Service (DaaS), enabling customers to take their IT capex spending and convert it into a leasing solution.

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Project Services

Daisy’s Project Services enable you to plan, design, implement, and operate a mix of technologies and services to support your business requirements. Available right across our portfolio of solutions, we can help deploy these solutions. Our consultants, designers and technicians begin with the needs, desired business outcomes and long-term strategy of your business, as well as any pain points experienced with your existing technology. Show more...

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Manage and maintain

On-going maintenance and optimisation for continued security and performance

Daisy can offer a variety of solutions to help manage and maintain your assets. From next business day warranty on hardware uplifting; same-day on-site services; and cloud-based telemetry and analytics platforms that aggregate critical data from devices and applications, you can enable, predict, and resolve device issues before they impact employees.

Daisy service management covers all aspects of full-service management, including relationship, operational, reporting management, and customer satisfaction.

  • The remote wipe of devices if lost or stolen based on a support contract
  • Customers can purchase ongoing update service to all packaged applications to the latest versions, including security dependent on customer licenses
  • Delivering and maintaining the security of all devices through patch and security management

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We offer a full suite of lifecycle services that contribute to your ESG objectives, including redeployment, secure data erasure or HDD shredding, WEEE compliant recycling, decommissioning, refurbishment, asset reporting, asset re-sale, and charity support.

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Asset Lifecycle Management – Ask the Expert

Asset Lifecycle Management is the series of stages involved in the management of an IT asset. It starts with the planning and procurement of a device through build, deploy and management stages when the need for an asset is identified, and continues all the way through its useful life and eventual disposal. It enables organisations to make sure assets are being utilised efficiently and gives you the power to review performance and highlight additional unnecessary costs.
Efficient asset management removes a whole host of mundane or time-consuming tasks and stressful deadlines from your IT team. Benefits of outsourcing your Asset Lifecycle Management include ensuring compliance with regulations, tracking inventory in real-time, and training your staff to follow workplace safety rules. Outsourcing your asset management also helps you optimise revenue generation and generate the highest return on inventory.

Daisy can help with complete Asset Lifecycle Management, end-to-end. This involves the six key areas below.

  • Procure – Our dedicated team of professionals will work with all our vendors to supply the correct devices to meet your requirements at the right price
  • Build and deploy – Our dedicated team of experts will build and configure the new devices to your requirements
  • Manage and maintain – Our team will provide first-class support that covers all aspects of full-service management including relationship, operational, reporting management and customer satisfaction
  • Recover and renew – Our team will securely recover and repurpose or recycle your end-of-use devices
  • Refresh – Our team will work with you to refresh your current devices to ensure they are fit for purpose
  • Dispose – Our team will ensure your unwanted devices are disposed of in an environmentally friendly and secure way
Daisy has been providing organisations with Asset Lifecycle Management for more than 20 years. Daisy has the quality, skills and expertise to help organisations of any size with their Asset Lifecycle Management requirements.

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From start to finish and back around again, we can take the pain, risk and confusion out of managing your organisation’s assets.

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