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COVID-19 has transformed the way we work and the way we feel about work. It has opened up our minds and the possibilities of harnessing technologies, driving more sustainable infrastructures, and making a difference in our communities and for the planet.

Organisations say their board regularly reviews the company’s ESG strategy*


Organisations say their board understands technology’s contribution to ESG agenda*

ESG and technology come together to do amazing things

The ESG (environment, social and governance) conversation today is less about doing no harm and more about going further and doing things in a better way. ESG is setting the journey for your organisation and it is reliant on the infrastructure to get there and all that is needed along the way.

When we think about improving people’s working lives, supporting the circular economy or striving for net-zero carbon emission, technology is a key foundation upon which we can action change.

Our trusted experts are here to provide guidance and support to help you build a better business.

Circular Economy

As companies transform their estates both in the data centre and the workplace, waste is created. Many organisations keep this equipment for disaster recovery (DR) purposes or because they are concerned about the security impact. Show more...

IoT Solutions

Coverage is the number one issue affecting business mobility. With more and more organisations embracing IoT as a solution to remote working, Daisy Multi-Network is the perfect way to keep your remote workers connected to the devices on your network anywhere. Show more...

Renewable Energy

When it comes to energy, there’s no single answer or big solution. We can’t wait for someone else we all need to start doing things. In 2017 Daisy moved our electricity supply to one that was 100% renewable. That means ALL our offices, data centres, Daisy Flex cloud platforms and core network are powered by renewable supplies. Show more...

Sustainable Devices

Daisy is proud to help drive a healthier and more sustainable workplace for your business and employees through partners such as HPI Inc who apply circular economy principles to shift from virgin materials to use recycled content. This includes ocean-bound and closed-loop plastics, durable notebooks, desktops, and workstations, combined with maintenance and recovery services that keep valuable materials in use for as long as possible. Show more...

Hybrid Working

Another way many organisations have been forced to transform is by new ways of working. Businesses are still adapting to hybrid working.

Companies are also very aware of the social and environmental advantages by offering hybrid working.
Show more...

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been long spoken about, but many organisations are still wary of making a change. From our experience, this is down to several reasons. The main ones being lack of skills, lack of awareness, and no clarity on what can actually be achieved. We have consultation and analysis activities to make sure a project is defined properly from the start. Show more...

Working Together

Working closely with our technology partners, we will continue to develop our solutions to be more environmentally conscious.

Social and Community

Through our Daisy Unites initiative, we are on a journey of bringing people together, and investing and delivering in environmental social and community projects for both ourselves and our customers. It’s important to us that we work with organisations and charities that are close to our hearts and that can help make a difference to future generations, therefore we are proud to present our dedicated partnerships.


Our Values


Everything we achieve, we achieve with people, and for people. Our customers. Our colleagues. Our suppliers. Our families and neighbours. The communities where we live, work and do business. Our whole, wider, interconnected world. That’s what drives us.


Whether we’re creating dynamic, less resource-hungry systems, helping you reduce travel miles or championing greater energy efficiency, what’s good for the planet tends to be good for your business. We also invest in sustainable projects through our foundation, Daisy Unites.


We’re stronger when we work together. To our customers, we’re more than a supplier, we’re a trusted partner. Meanwhile, thanks to our partnerships with the world’s top technology vendors, we’re able to blend solutions in ways that redefine excellence and sustainability.

*Larato Independent Survey July 2021 on behalf of Daisy
1. 32 Gold, 280 Silver EPEAT®-registered HP Personal Systems products in 19 countries, as of October 2019.
2. Compared to majority of competing in-class OEM ink & laser printer supply recycling programs. Criteria: size, reach, recycled content use, upcycling and eco award/ranking. HP-commissioned Aug 2020 InfoTrends research report. Market share: IDC Q2’20 Hardcopy Peripheral Tracker. Program availability varies. See and