Channel 4

Enhanced connectivity delivering dynamic IT

The IT Director is delighted. Within the first few months, the quality of the whole Daisy team and the proactive improvements being suggested, have made a substantial difference to our ability to deliver agile broadcast services.

Colin Lockwood, IS Operations Director, Channel 4

The Background

Channel 4 is one of the most progressive, publicly owned and commercially funded public service broadcasters in the UK, with a remit to be innovative, experimental and distinctive. It broadcasts across multiple channels and formats, including Channel 4, E4, More4, as well as many digital platforms.

The Challenge

In line with the increasing demand for digital content, Channel 4 needed to improve its connectivity between offices and broadcast units, so it could deliver more. Channel 4 is built on a premise of delivering high quality content to the viewer, but had a legacy infrastructure, supported by a small team of contractors.

The Solution

After a short period of due diligence, Daisy provided a fully managed networking service, providing 24/7 proactive management across a number of different vendor technologies. With a small dedicated networking team on site, Daisy has effectively become an extension of Channel 4’s network department, integrating into the existing IT division to manage all aspects of networking and communications.

The Result

Daisy’s knowledge across the breadth of vendor technologies, combined with its centralised monitoring platforms, provides a single view of all aspects of the networking topology. The result of this is that Channel 4’s wider team is better informed, and are able to support strategy decisions, by analysing patterns of usage with a view to predicting failure before it becomes an issue. Improved asset management and control is also part of the service. Planning for and avoiding end of life services and proactively managing change to support the evolution of the service, rather than ‘big bang’ replacement projects is now possible. Daisy’s networking team is integrated into the existing WAN and LAN services, while also managing the fixed lines, unified communications and mobile requirements as a single, integrated service.