Care UK

Resilient data centres supporting business change

The technical teams at Daisy are very knowledgeable and the team on the Care UK account fully understand the environment, from inception to implementation and for me, this is very important going forward.

Jason Wells, Group IT Infrastructure Manager at Care UK

The Background

Care UK is a leading independent provider of health and social care services. The organisation works in partnership with NHS commissioners to deliver a range of healthcare services including general practice and walk-in centres, 10 treatment centres that specialise in elective surgery, offender health, out of hours and the NHS 111 service.

It also manages 113 care homes, provides 150,000 hours of homecare every week and supports people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities. For more than 30 years Care UK has been helping people to live happier, healthier and more independent lives.

The Challenge

Operating in a fast-paced environment and having grown annual revenue from £80m to £700m, it was crucial that Care UK worked with a partner that was able to support the planned growth and play a key role in supporting its IT provision, which is a particularly vital function of the organisation.

Care UK had a small selection of servers, all of which were managed in-house. The main objective was to move from a small communications room and find a stable, resilient and fully managed solution which could be accommodated away from the business in a data centre.

Due to considerable growth, Care UK also required a more robust and secure solution with the added support coming from a reliable business partner. On becoming a Daisy customer, Care UK’s main priority was to ensure business continuity and to avoid any potential disruption to business when Daisy acquired its previous IT provider. Daisy ensured this transition was successful and provided the reassurance Care UK needed.

In addition, Care UK’s IT team wanted to retain control over a small selection of servers and so required a flexible solution that allowed them to focus on its business and wider organisational operations, while Daisy took active control of key parts of the Care UK infrastructure.

The Solution

Care UK has grown and in turn its estate has expanded within the growing provision of the service Daisy now offers. Whereas previously the services were only for the back-office systems, the majority of Care UK’s line of business applications are now fully managed with Daisy – with application support provision in place with providers AHC, Unit 4, System C and IMS.

To cater for Care UK’s requirements, Daisy provides resilient data centres that offer disaster recovery capabilities, in addition to the redesign of the application stack and presentation layer responsible for running the daily applications of Care UK. Daisy also provides Care UK with a fully managed service for all its business divisions, including end user and technical service desks, account management, design authority and hosting and management of the infrastructure in a dual site 250 server estate.

The Result

The biggest results Care UK has experienced relate to cost savings and benefiting from the expertise and knowledge of the Daisy team.

Having previously used a multinational company for application hosting, Care UK was not achieving the best value for money. Jason Wells, Group IT Infrastructure Manager at Care UK, said: “Moving away from our previous supplier and utilising Daisy’s virtual platform has reduced our total cost of ownership.”

Daisy has developed key business relationships across service, account and project management which provides Care UK with the confidence that Daisy can implement services quickly, efficiently and cost effectively to meet its evolving requirements. The organisation has also benefitted from the ongoing technical support and the personal touch Daisy provides.

Care UK is confident that the longer term benefits will include improved performance and stability.

Jason added: “The technical teams at Daisy are very knowledgeable and the team on the Care UK account fully understand the environment, from inception to implementation and for me, this is very important going forward.

“Often in larger organisations, the personal knowledge is lost when the support and project teams are too big and different people are involved all the time. Having the same key technical teams on all my projects is a huge benefit to Care UK.”

Because of the positive experience Care UK has had with Daisy, the organisation has regularly endorsed services to fellow businesses.

The Future

As a result of the long-standing partnership and having worked together through a continually challenging and changing environment, Daisy continue to support Care UK going forward, ensuring cost efficiencies are identified.

Daisy will work to introduce new services and upgrade applications and operating environments throughout the recently renewed five year contract, in turn maximising the business decision by Care UK to outsource to Daisy.