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Managing the risks of digital transformation

There are uncountable and indisputable benefits of adopting a digital strategy to keep you at the forefront of your industry. Every organisation is adopting digital ways of working to some extent, so the alarm bells must be getting louder for business leaders and business continuity professionals. Whilst organisations race to keep up-to-date with the astonishing pace of change in technology and how it can be applied to their business, they must not forget to consider where the potential risks lie.

Significant organisational change
Digital transformation can bring with it significant organisational change, creating a lot of work for those who plan for and mitigate against business risk. The risk landscape that existed for most organisations just five years ago, has already shifted as systems of engagement and operational processes evolve.

New risks
A business that embraces digital is exposed to new, and sometimes unexpected, risks and keeping abreast of these is just part of the challenge. To maintain business continuity along the way and embed it into new systems, collaboration tools and processes, it is important to identify the new risks at the outset and apply tried and tested business continuity methodologies to enhance your digital growth. Using business continuity and organisational resilience proactively as an enabler for increased profitability, helps your business to adapt at pace and maximise the digital opportunity.

Daisy’s Business Continuity Checklist for Digital Success is free to download and will help you to understand how to keep your organisation protected during your digital journey.

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